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Bush Administration

I’m feeling out of whack today and need a break from blogging. Too much excitement this week, I guess. I’m just going to suggest a topic for discussion and try to get back into the groove tomorrow.

Earlier this week the President just about bit Matt Lauer’s head off when Lauer asked about “interrogation.” Today, Digby says, Bush got pissed at David Gregory. Crooks & Liars has the video.

Here’s a bit of the transcript:

QUESTION: Thank you very much.

Mr. President, critics of your proposed bill on interrogation rules say there’s another important test. These critics include John McCain, who you’ve mentioned several times this morning.

And that test is this: If a CIA officer, paramilitary or special operations soldier from the United States were captured in Iran or North Korea and they were roughed up and those governments said, “Well, they were interrogated in accordance with our interpretation of the Geneva Conventions,” and then they were put on trial and they were convicted based on secret evidence that they were not able to see, how would you react to that as commander in chief?

BUSH: My reaction is, is that if the nations such as those you name adopted the standards within the Detainee Detention Act, the world would be better. That’s my reaction.

Seems to me the President told Gregory that the world would be a better place if enemies who capture U.S. soldiers could torture them, try them on secret evidence, and execute them.

Is that not what he’s saying? Or do I need to take more aspirin?

Anyway, in both videos Bush seemed right on the edge of blowing a gasket. Digby calls him “angry and petulant.” I would add “wound a little too tight.” As of right now it seems the three Republican renegades — Warner, Graham, and McCain — are not yet budging. If Prince Pissant doesn’t get what he wants, his handlers might want to get him on some meds, fast, or at the next presser he’s going to throw an all-out kicking-and-screaming tantrum.

And wouldn’t that be amusing?

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