All Fascism Is Personal

big picture stuff, conservatism, Women's Issues

David Neiwert explores the connections between misogyny and fascism. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Donna  •  Oct 24, 2006 @6:51 pm

    Wow, a deep and darkly disturbing read. Sort of the ultimate realization of closet weenies taking up arms and violence against some group [women, in this instance] to counter-weight the truth of their inferior development.

  2. grayslady  •  Oct 24, 2006 @9:45 pm

    Wow was my first thought as well. The section on guns was something I’d always suspected, although perhaps not quite as viscerally as the author of the book. Is this why I’ve always been so anti-military and anti-gun? Because I sensed that this was somehow directed at me personally?

  3. MNPundit  •  Oct 25, 2006 @8:07 pm

    Wow as well.

    I can understand feeling upset or angry especially in your teenage years if you can’t get a date or girlfriend etc. and at the college I went to I know for a fact that the women there responded better to jerks (if I acted like asshole I could always get a date, but if I was my usual self I was always shot down) but wow.

    I don’t think if you like 24 or slasher movies you are automatically a closeted misogynist or that you have hidden misogynistic tendencies, but then again, I can’t even conceive of hating someone because of their gender or assuming you are better than they are because of it.

    How could you possibly care for someone if you have turned them into an object to be manipulated as opposed to a person to relate to? What kind of fulfilling emotional bond is that? That’s fucking crazy.