How to Argue Like a Rightie

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It’s easy to argue like a rightie, since you don’t have to know what you’re talking about. Just keep shoveling baseless smears and insults, like calling person with whom you disagree a liar. And let the facts be damned.

Also: See this.

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  1. Steve M.  •  Dec 6, 2006 @7:36 am

    There’s also this style.

  2. Donna  •  Dec 6, 2006 @8:49 am

    No Child Left Behind fits so perfectly into the right-wing plans…..just dumb ’em all down to avoid independent analysis like Krugman’s. Produce masses who can ‘argue’ like a rightie [regurgitate prepared ‘truth’ to ‘pass the test’].

    Steve M. – what a catch! I noticed the date of that exchange.

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