British Sailors to Be Freed

Middle East

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has announced Iran will free the 15 British sailors. I don’t want to celebrate until the sailors are truly free, but I do get the impression it’s a done deal. The concession Britain made was to promise not to intrude into Iranian waters again, sort of admitting they had, although I’m not sure anyone really knows. I get the impression that exactly which waters are Iraqi and which are Iranian are a matter of long-standing dispute.

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  1. Hernán Pablo Nadal  •  Apr 4, 2007 @12:40 pm

    I don´t support Iran Policy or it´s president but in this case I think it´s UK fault.
    They have go into the Iranese land with military actions and that´s a provocation.
    I think UK should promote peace and not make that kind of silly mistakes that could generate an international conflicts.

    Good Blog!

    Bests from Argentina.

    Hernán Nadal.

  2. joanr16  •  Apr 4, 2007 @1:15 pm

    I’m not really serious about this, but wouldn’t it be weird if it turned out the Blair government and Iran, communicating through the back door, cooked up the whole thing so that one of the major Western allies would have an excuse to initiate talks? The Poodle and the neighborhood black cat sneak one past Poodle’s master, in other words. This morning on NPR it sounded like Britain was making some very un-Bush-like diplomatic overtures. I just hope they continue.

    OT, but more good news today: Elizabeth Edwards got some optimistic news about treatment from her doctors. Katie Couric will be so bummed.

  3. Bonnie  •  Apr 4, 2007 @1:30 pm

    I agree with Maha about not celebrating until they are home. But, it is good news. I have no reason to believe anything either man says. But, I am glad that common sense seems to visited two political leaders–albeit it is probably a very short visit.

  4. Jerri  •  Apr 4, 2007 @1:42 pm

    Maha, Tapped has a picture of the british hostages. Look at the image projected vs the orange jump suit, hooded, with plastic handcuffs and guards in full combat/riot gear bush has projected. The contrast is startling.