Who’s Embarrassed Now?

Bush Administration, Iraq War

What Greg Sargent says.

Update: David Broder smackdown at Media Matters.

Update2: Juicy bits here.

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  1. Swami  •  Apr 29, 2007 @8:06 pm

    Them righties are too stupid to be embarrassed. Remember..” They hate us for our freedoms”. If they are stupid enough to swallow that malarkey, then the ability to be embarrassed by their foolishness is beyond them.

    The war in Iraq was lost the moment Bush invaded,and that loss was confirmed when Bush conceded that there were no WMD’s. To think otherwise is denial.

  2. Swami  •  Apr 29, 2007 @11:14 pm

    Off topic…. sad story to read, but freedom is on the march.


    Laura Bush says…” nobody feels the pain of Iraq like Her and Georgie”….boo hoo hoo, sniffle, boo hoo hoo! Really?

  3. moonbat  •  Apr 30, 2007 @12:12 am

    I don’t know what is driving Broder, if it’s some sort of agenda or simply ignorance. If it’s the latter, he and John McCain’s utterances seem more and more like the signs of people who are increasingly out of it. Broder may have won a Pulitzer in the past, but clearly his day, as well as McCain’s, is over.

  4. Swami  •  Apr 30, 2007 @1:11 am

    I hear they describe Broder as journalisms Norma Desmond.

  5. c u n d gulag  •  Apr 30, 2007 @6:28 am

    “No. The war is not lost — no more than it was in winter 1776, July 1864, December 1945 or November 1950. The challenge is winning back hearts and minds at home, rather than in Iraq, where brave thousands join us each day to fight an evil sort the likes of which we haven’t seen in recent memory.”
    — Victor Davis Hanson, military historian, Hoover Institution

    V D Hanson,
    How dumb can you be? You’re a “military historian?” Whose military are you a “historian” for?
    But, I “gotta” admit, he’s right about one thing, though…
    Yeah, it wasn’t real tough going in December of 1945. Hitler was dead; so was Tojo. The Japanese had surrendered. “Pax Americana” had begun.
    V D Hanson finally got something right.
    In the word’s of the immortal Bug’s, “What a dope, what a maroon…”