For Steve


And also Freddie Mercury .

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  1. jerri  •  Jun 8, 2007 @4:18 pm

    Nice. Maha did you go to Steve’s funeral?

  2. maha  •  Jun 8, 2007 @4:35 pm

    I just got back from the funeral, in fact.

  3. justme  •  Jun 8, 2007 @4:42 pm


    I had the pleasure of attending a Queen concert many many moons ago.I went to see a other band who opened for them but the minute Freddy Mercury took the stage I was in awe of him.His performance was outstanding.I left that show knowing I had seen something great…He was…..really something…he took my breath away!He was flawless.He commanded the stage,his voice couldn’t be contained by a building that held 50,000.It was bigger than the see 50,000 people watch this man with wonder made me SURE I was not the only one just blown away.I have probably been to at least 1000 concerts in my day but never have I seen ANYONE hold a crowd with every note sung the way he could.
    It seems so proper then ,for this to be for Steve, because when I think about him, I could say the same things about his words that I have about Freddy’s music…Maha, VERY,VERY nice!!!!We can always count on you to get right to the heart of things.

  4. maha  •  Jun 8, 2007 @4:59 pm

    Freddie Mercury was a real singer. Lots of pop singers aren’t real singers; they are performers who sorta kinda vocalize into microphones. But he had the pipes, range, pitch, control, and technique. Awesome.

    I was about to get dressed to go to the funeral today when I stumbled onto this. It seemed to say what I felt. .

  5. erinyes  •  Jun 8, 2007 @7:41 pm

    My Best Friend, Bohemian Rhapsody,This Thing Called Love, and of course, Fat Bottomed Girls.
    Freddy left the room way too soon.
    I can only imagine what he could have achieved if he were still with us.
    But hey. we have Brittany and K-Fed to throw rocks at.

    Nice touch Maha, I’m sure Steve would approve.

  6. uncledad  •  Jun 8, 2007 @7:47 pm

    I was never much of a queen fan (old-punkrocker) but you cannot deny that band had a lot of talent. Now for something completely off topic:

    Today is the 40th anniversary of the illegal occupation of Palestine, our “president” is overseas trying to rekindle the “cold-war”, the G-8 has “agreed to a totally non-binding global warming accord (Bu$hco-don’t like binding agreements), the chairman of the joint chiefs has resigned, the immigration bill is dying a slow death. And I turn to the “liberal media” all three 24hr cable networks are talking of nothing but Paris-Fucking-Hilton all goddam day. We are completely screwed in this country, when this sort of tabloid crap replaces real news. Unfortunately for the networks Bob Gates (sec. of defense) held his press conference right as Paris was being handcuffed and led back to court. After the press conference announcing the resignation of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, those fucking morons could not get back to the “Paris” story quick enough. I know that we really can’t rely on the “mainstream media” anymore but today was beyond bizarre.

  7. uncledad  •  Jun 8, 2007 @7:57 pm

    Please go to Democracy-Now and look at todays broadcast. At around 5 minuites in she talks about how Bush got sick and has video of him drinking what looks to my skillfully trained eye is a tall dark class of beer! Off the wagon again! Check it out:

  8. joanr16  •  Jun 8, 2007 @8:15 pm

    Ah, Queen. When I was 20 I owned that album. On vinyl. I’ll still sing out loud in traffic to “Somebody to Love.”

    I’m glad you got to go to Steve Gilliard’s funeral, maha. As these cyber communities take root and grow, it’s wonderful to see the personal impact bloggers make on each other, their readers, and the sad lagging MSM.

    Speaking of the devil, NPR did a fairly critical piece this morning on the impact of the Six Days’ War. They repeatedly referred to Israel’s occupation of all territories since 1967 as “illegal.” A good start to Friday, I thought.

    And then I saw the photo of Bush guzzling that brewsky. He looked pretty full of Schlitz to me. But the first thing I thought when I heard he was “out sick” was, “I bet the Japanese Prime Minister is relieved.”

  9. erinyes  •  Jun 8, 2007 @10:32 pm

    For your viewing pleasure……….

  10. moonbat  •  Jun 8, 2007 @11:30 pm

    My earliest memories of Queen are that of being out on my own, in my first apartment, with one of the neighbors playing their music (and ELO’s music) endlessly, nearly driving me nuts. I never quite got into Queen, but do appreciate what you’ve posted here and in the earlier thread.

    I’ve been comparison shopping funeral homes today, and so this particular piece is extremely timely for me for personal reasons.

  11. uncledad  •  Jun 8, 2007 @11:45 pm


    I’ve been comparison shopping funeral homes today…………

    I wish you well and you should know that: I believe death is always the sweet end to life. It is inevitable for everyone, sometimes we forget. But we all must perish in the end. It should not be feared unless you think that you have not lived. In that case you better get busy.

  12. moonbat  •  Jun 9, 2007 @1:16 am

    ..[death] should not be feared unless you think that you have not lived. In that case you better get busy.

    You got that right, uncledad. Or as Andy Dufresne, in The Shawshank Redemption famously put it, “Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin'”.

  13. uncledad  •  Jun 9, 2007 @1:55 am

    right on.