The Rightie Bizarro Universe


Wherein animosity replaces wit and pubescent insults pass for criticism.

Update: This is what humor looks like.

The comedian is Frank Caliendo.

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  1. Rev. Mike  •  Jun 11, 2007 @12:15 pm

    Is it humanly possible for that man to get even less funny? It’s a good thing he’s a rightie – he’d never have a shred of a career left if it wasn’t for their comedy welfare program. Is there something about being a republican that sucks all sense of teh funny out of these peoples heads?

  2. moonbat  •  Jun 11, 2007 @12:49 pm

    I so enjoyed the Frank Caliendo clip, what a great mimic! As for Dennis Miller, the *only* right wing comedian I can watch is Stephen Colbert (who plays an idiot). Righties’ humor comes out as being merely mean because that’s what they are and because they lack empathy.

  3. QrazyQat  •  Jun 11, 2007 @2:47 pm

    It would seem theoretically possible to have rightwing humor, possibly an extremely barbed and cutting “take no prisoners” wit of some sort, yet despite many attempts, they can’t come close to the starting line. It’s kinda strange, really.

  4. Ian  •  Jun 11, 2007 @4:55 pm

    jesus christ …miller used to be funny … if it weren;t for the act that the guy still fancies himself a comiedian, I never would have guessed in a million years that hateful little rant was supposed to be “funny”…

    Oh, fun fact, I work with Caliendo’s cousin … Bob Caliendo, funny guy himself 🙂


  5. Swami  •  Jun 11, 2007 @5:41 pm

    I wonder if Dennis Miller understood what he was reading. I know he thought he sounded clever and cutting, but to call Harry Reid or any American for that fact a trifle who is delusional to think that their voice matters is an affront to the principal on which our nation was founded. Maybe it is that our voice doesn’t matter any more given the erosion of democracy in recent times,but to proclaim it in arrogance on behalf of those who have usurped our birth right of a representative government and a voice in democracy is despicable. I deem Dennis Miller an Ass-wipe… More correctly,a has been Ass-wipe!

  6. Lush Rimbaud  •  Jun 11, 2007 @7:38 pm

    What’s next for Miller? Showbiz, not so much. Maybe he ought to cash in what’s left of his fame and open a golf store franchise in Arizona. Not that there’s anything wrong with Arizona, mind you.

  7. Kevin Hayden  •  Jun 11, 2007 @8:17 pm

    P.J. O’Rourke is occasionally funny on the right. Dennis Miller rants, in multi-syllabic words that fire up rightist activists but makes average Americans go “Huh?”

  8. Douglas Hughes  •  Jun 11, 2007 @10:21 pm

    Did anyone notice that the clip we all thought was funny went across party lines to jab at Clinton. “I am not here”. Key element in a mature sense of humor (and some on the left lact this, too).. Can you laugh at yourself (your party, your candidate, etc)

  9. justme  •  Jun 11, 2007 @10:34 pm

    Oh I don’t know,, I think it was pretty funny to see miller make an even greater ass of him self …it is always amusing to watch people self destruct their careers. Not that he had far to fall anyhow…I never found him funny, now he just looks like a fool….Dennis proves my favorite saying ” If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything”…sad but true..poor fellow,I kinda pity him….Anyhow if making an ass out of himself in public makes him feel special than I say to him “You go girl”..

  10. maha  •  Jun 12, 2007 @6:33 am

    Douglas — exactly. And I thought the “I am not here” line was the funniest line in the bit.