The Only Way

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So if I say Howie is an ugly little wuss who beats his wife, molests children and cheats on his taxes, and he gets angry because I say it, it must be true. ‘Cause people don’t get angry because you malign their character and tell hateful lies about them, do they?

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  1. c u n d gulag  •  Jun 24, 2007 @9:32 am

    Sweet Jebus! What planet are these people on?

    Since we took Pluto off of the planet list, can we add four more? The planet’s Wanker, Evil, Stupid, and #@*&in’ Stupid. These planet’s have a number of moon’s: Malice, Hatred, Rascism, Sexism, Homophobia, Ignorance, and Bile. But, by far, the largest moon is Arrogance. It revolves around all of these planet’s.
    All of the above have eratic circles around the sun, since they lack any gravitaional or celestial accountability. Oh, I forgot, people on these planet’s and moon’s believe that they live on flat bodies that are circled by the sun.

    Look, people on the right all reside on one of these planet’s or moon’s, so we might as well recognize the fact.

    BTW – for righties reading this, this is astronomy, not astrology. But your Bile IS rising in your Stupidity… And whatever bad moon you have, is a risin’. So, you may want to look to date a goat this week. One of the same sex. If it’ll have you… I wouldn’t…

  2. Pat Pattillo  •  Jun 24, 2007 @7:44 pm

    I think you must look at their moral accounting systems. Their approach to bean countnig is much different than yours or mine. In their parallel bizarro universe looking like authority makes one authoritative. The followers this logic drums up speak well for the cause…the cause of committing Howie perhaps.

    His later posts go straight to the heart of his own personal struggle with the vastly underplayed dangers and threats to us all and everyone else’s ignorance of them.

    I suspect a hyperactive limbic system.