Libby Let Loose?

Bush Administration

CNN is reporting that President Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s 30-month prison sentence. This came shortly after a circuit court of appeals had denied Libby’s motion to remain free on bail pending an appeal of his sentence. I understand the White House decided Scooter’s sentence was “excessive.”

The Poor Man points out that Bush felt differently when he was governor of Texas.

Bush, on overturning on the deeply-held philosophy with which he presided over 152 executions in Texas:

I don’t believe my role [as governor] is to replace the verdict of a jury with my own, unless there are new facts or evidence of which a jury was unaware, or evidence that the trial was somehow unfair.

Yeah, I bet some of those juries were actually awake.

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  1. biggerbox  •  Jul 2, 2007 @7:16 pm

    Naked contempt for the law. It amazes me how low they will sink; I still find it hard to remember, even after all this time, that they really are as bald-faced, venal, and contemptuous as they are.

    I bet all those guys currently serving similar terms for similar crimes will be surprised to hear Libby’s sentence was “excessive.”

    At least a commutation doesn’t change the verdict. The former Chief of Staff to the Vice President is still a convicted felon.

  2. Rick Calvert  •  Jul 2, 2007 @7:30 pm

    I love arguing with you Maha but it’s hard to argue with you on this one.

  3. mamameow  •  Jul 2, 2007 @7:43 pm

    the people in this country who still support this jerkoff prez are so incredibly stupid. i am so angry i cannot even write anymore, took my anger out on my conservative boyfriend. i have fences to mend.

  4. Undeniable Liberal  •  Jul 2, 2007 @8:08 pm

    Fuck Fuck Fuck….welcome to Amerikkan justice, Bush style. Paris Hilton got a tougher sentence than Scooter Libby. When the Clenis lied to the grand jury about a fucking blowjob, the GOD’S OWN PARTY insists that he be removed from office. It’s ok if you are a rich white Republican. LAW AND ORDER, MY PALE SKINNY ASS.

    Earth to dumboshits:

  5. Swami  •  Jul 2, 2007 @8:39 pm

    Even though I expected Bush to piss on our American justice system to allow Libby to escape justice, I still became flush with anger when he did it. What a scumbag Bush is! Just another outrageous offense committed against the American people.

    “Let them eat cake”?…really.

  6. Madison Guy  •  Jul 2, 2007 @8:50 pm

    Obstructing justice by keeping Scooter quiet: “I respect the jury’s verdict,” George Bush said, speaking oxymoronically as he announced his soon-to-be-notorious Monday Night Massacre of justice. This is no misdemeanor, it’s a high crime. It’s time to move impeachment to the front burner and turn up the heat.

  7. jawbone  •  Jul 2, 2007 @9:18 pm

    Ah, since BushBoy was intimately involved in the Plame outing, he has that necessary additional evidence! See, he’s sticking to his previous statement…sorta.

  8. jawbone  •  Jul 2, 2007 @9:19 pm

    At least a commutation doesn’t change the verdict. The former Chief of Staff to the Vice President is still a convicted

    Until BushBoy pardons him fully–which will happen after the election.

  9. Doug Hughes  •  Jul 2, 2007 @9:24 pm

    “Paris Hilton got a tougher sentence than Scooter Libby.” Pure poetry, Undeniable Liberal.

    Being almost as cynical as Swami, I have to believe that King Bush was keeping an old promise made as the investigation started. Everyone will stonewall, keeping to whatever story is fabricated. Anyone caught in the fallout will not serve time. This is NOT noble loyalty by George or Dick; it’s insurance to make sure no one breaks ranks in ongoing investigations. Lie as instructed; if you get caught you won’t serve time.

    IMHO, the House (if I am correct that impeachment proceedings begin in the House) should quickly begin impeachment hearings on the VP regarding his most recent and flagrant contempt for Congress and the law. Why dick the dick? He’s the only person I can think of who would be WORSE in the oval office than George W. Being totally pragmentic, I am opposed to the impeachment of President Bush if it would put Cheney in the Oval Office. I find the concept horrific.

  10. Swami  •  Jul 2, 2007 @9:29 pm

    Until BushBoy pardons him fully–which will happen after the election.

    Yeah, that’s a given! And don’t forget Libby’s future award of a Freedom Medal. If anybody has earned one, it’s Libby.

  11. erinyes  •  Jul 2, 2007 @9:51 pm

    Awe, quit yer bitchin’
    Libby can’t step out in front of a bus if he’s in the slammer….

  12. justme  •  Jul 2, 2007 @11:44 pm

    Ok I gotta say this is some bleeping bull sh*t here…WTF??? Everytime I think there is no way this asshole can smell any worse he goes and pulls something else that just smells even more, it just never ceases to amaze me….he took his little penis to DC and bleeped the entire nation… and then some…

    I hate to be so negative, but jeez,,I think he could rob a bank with his homosexual , under-aged lover and we wouldn’t do the grown up thing and deal with him(as in impeach) he is like the bratty little kid running amok terrorizing everything while we the parents sit by and do nothing…awwww look little georgie pissed on the constitution again,, isn’t that cute?… Enough all friggin ready!!!Isn’t it about time this crazy sob is reined in by the representatives of “we the people” ? Hasn’t he done enough? Now he over rules the judicial branch of our government and if we say anything we are ” just complaining”? Sweet Jesus!!!This is just insane. The monster we have created has destroyed this country as we knew it. Justice is dead.But I guess “we the people” are too busy planning for the 4th to be bothered with little things like this.. what a far cry from the forefathers who fought like hell to make sure we even had a nation to celebrate…
    Shame on bush.Shame on us for letting him continue to screw up what was a great country .. there is no excuse.

  13. justme  •  Jul 2, 2007 @11:48 pm

    Oh and one more thing… how much did this BS cost the poor taxpayer????? Perhaps the bushies can take up a collection. It is an unfair burden to the taxpayer…perhaps we can sue…but then bush would just over ride what any court said anyhow

  14. Psycheout  •  Jul 3, 2007 @1:07 am

    This is a great day for America. Justice has finally been done, although I would have preferred a full pardon. But it may still come.

    Now if only we could get Joe “the liar” Wilson up on charges. That would make my day.

    Scooter Libby will go down in history as a great American hero, and deservedly so. This will be a very special Independence Day for my family. I hope it will be for yours as well.

  15. Zeus  •  Jul 3, 2007 @3:07 am

    Here’s a question – Can we infer from this decision that Bush concedes that Scooter is guilty? Does this mean that the muzzles are off and Tony Snow, etal can now answer questions from the press? Hmmmm!!!

  16. marijam  •  Jul 3, 2007 @7:44 am

    Supposedly, impeaching Bush and Cheney would be “bad for America”. With only 25% support by the American public for Bush and Cheney, how would it be bad for America?

  17. joanr16  •  Jul 3, 2007 @1:12 pm

    Wow, Psycheout does a great impression of a completely delusional moron. Kidding? Or really that far gone?

  18. moonbat  •  Jul 3, 2007 @2:54 pm

    What’s funny about Psycheout (comment 16) is not only the completely delusional comment, direct from the alternative universe of the 26 percent supporting Bush and falling, but his name. He really thinks he’s psyching out other people with his right wing propaganda. What’s funny is that he’s fooling nobody but himself, and cannot see this.

    Like the diminishing few who still sport W bumperstickers on their cars, Psychout wears his ignorance proudly, like a badge of honor. The rest of us are having a good laugh at Psychout’s delusional remarks, and we laugh even harder as we now and then see these fools scraping off their bumperstickers, sometimes by the cover of night. Ridicule is what they deserve, and is what they are so deservedly getting these days.

    Have a great holiday. Go light on the Kool-Aid, it’s been spiked.

  19. moonbat  •  Jul 3, 2007 @4:40 pm

    Interesting viewpoint, that Bush was forced to commute Libby’s sentence, in The Price of Libby’s Silence. Excerpt:

    “As soon as Libby was going to see the inside of a jail, the “jail” part was removed from his sentence. That is the price of Libby’s silence.”

    “The court forced Bush’s hand and, because of that, Bush tipped his hand. In order to continue Libby’s obstruction of justice, a crime Libby commits every day he doesn’t come clean, the Bush administration has been forced to endorse obstruction of justice openly and to engage in it themselves.”

    “They had no choice.”

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