Wide Tower?

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This is brilliant, via Digby.

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  1. Bonnie  •  Sep 3, 2007 @10:22 pm

    Agree it was brilliant. It was also riotously funny.

  2. Boofus McGoofus  •  Sep 3, 2007 @10:32 pm

    I remember hearing about Klan rallies in Texas being met by people mooning them throughout the march route. This has always struck me as the perfect response. The Klan wants to inspire fear and respect — what better way to make show that they’ve failed than to mock them. A bonus with mooning is that it keeps the Klan from getting the media coverage that they crave — what television station will show bare buttocks when faced with the current FCC?

  3. Zeus  •  Sep 4, 2007 @2:54 am

    the more things change …..

    hopefully the “clowns” (ARA) will show up for the sentencing of Michael Bell in Jena, LA later this month?!