He’s Da Man

Democratic Party, The Constitution

If you missed seeing Chris Dodd on Countdown last night, here’s the video.

Update: See also “Momentum Builds For Dodd Run At Majority Leader.”

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  1. Bonnie  •  Dec 19, 2007 @12:18 pm

    I want him for President!

  2. joanr16  •  Dec 19, 2007 @1:17 pm

    I’d love to see Dodd replace Harry Reid. One of the commenters on Huffington Post (the update link) mentions starting a “Buy Harry A Spine” fund. Too late for that, I think.

    This is OT but I had to share, remembering Chucky Turtle of a few days back. There’s a photo at the link below, showing if Krauthammer resembles a turtle, Bill Kristol looks just like a boiled lobster. And if the news is true, it’s wonderful.


  3. moonbat  •  Dec 19, 2007 @1:35 pm

    Dodd would make a great president. That HuffPo article explaining the process and the obstacles to becoming majority leader helped – I’ve been looking for this explanation since yesterday.

    Someone over at DailyKos noted that the majority leader should come from a solid blue state instead of an (at best) purple state like Nevada which requires Reid (or Daschle before him) to compromise in order to satisfy his constituents. It seems so obvious now…

  4. Doug Hughes  •  Dec 19, 2007 @6:34 pm

    Any president is largely a figurehead. The current moron has been manipulated by Cheney and Rove and had extremely loyal and ruthless advisors/hatchet men Rumsfeld, Gonzales, etc. When all is said and done, Bush will get the blame, but the damage was done by a briliant & twisted staff.

    Flip side of that coin. If we elect a Democrat as president, he/she will not have the ability to watch the details, any more than Bush did. The staff he/she selects will be principled or they will be Democratic corporate puppets. Dodd is a man of principle, who will not be president, but could be valuable as majority leader – or VP or ?? In 18 months the discussions about the progress or catastrophies will depend on the staff the prez selects.

  5. uncledad  •  Dec 19, 2007 @10:07 pm

    He’s da Man!

    I agree to a point. It’s good that Dodd had the stones to postpone the “FISA” enhancements. Too bad he had to filibuster while his party is in power (ahh the senate is the cooling saucer)? Also too bad he didn’t think to hang around and vote against the “omnibus bill” that gives the neoconsuperfratboy 70 billion more for his adventure in Iraq. Come to think of it, neither did: Clinton, Obama, or Biden. And we should give them more power they won’t use?


  6. uncledad  •  Dec 19, 2007 @11:35 pm

    If you follow the senate link you’ll see that it was McConnell’s motion that evoked final passage. I have to give the repubs the props they deserve; they seem to have a grasp on how to “mold” legislation to benefit their corporate suitors. Gwen Ifill ( PBS news hour) interviewed him this evening, and he never flinched. I’d like to have him playing poker with me, just too bad he’s playing Harry Reid like a game of checkers.

    “Republicans, Democrats, they all forget the facts……..”
    ~Jeff Tweedy (1993 Anodyne Sire Records)

  7. Marshall  •  Dec 20, 2007 @2:48 pm

    I intend to give Dodd some money for Christmas – I wish our side of the blogosphere could outraise the Ron Paulites.

    Make it a Dodd Christmas – reward good works and send some money his way.