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Debate Live Blog

McCain-Palin, Obama-Biden

While waiting for the debate to start — will Palin be on the GOP ticket in November? Or will she decide she needs to spend more time with her family?

McCain really is one of the whitest guys on the planet, isn’t he?

McCain isn’t being specific about what he wants to do with the fiscal package.

Did McCain just say he was going to vote for the plan?

Why is he talking about D-Day?

McCain: Heads will roll.

Is there a connection between Washington spending and the financial crisis on Wall Street? It’s all earmarks’ fault.

So far McCain is not addressing the questions he’s been asked. However, I’m not sure if the average viewer would understand that.

McCain is smirking.

How do you think the two are coming across? McCain isn’t being honest or on topic, but would a less informed viewer know that?

Oh, please, most liberal voting record in the United States Senate my ass.

McCain is just talking about cutting costs, but not what he would do.

Spending freeze?

McCain is thinking old technology.

He’s still going on about the taxes. How many times does Obama have to repeat his tax policies?

We owe China a lot more than $500 billion, btw. It’s closer to a trillion, I believe.

Lessons of Iraq!

Please, ask McCain what “victory” in Iraq means.

I’m still not sure if a less well-informed viewer would be able to pick up on the problems with McCain’s answers.

McCain is repeating W’s talking points. “Central front in war on terror.”

Does McCain know that we’re having some, um, issues with Pakistan lately?

Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb

Sending marines into Lebanon. Yes, John, remind us how old you are.

Do most Americans give a bleep about “victory” in Iraq?

We don’t like the UN, so we’ll create a counter-UN.

McCain is just about to explode.

McCain: Let’s do stuff just like W did!

McCain’s getting a bit worked up. Blow your stack, John.

McCain keeps saying Obama doesn’t understand this and that.

McCain doesn’t want to go back to the Cold War. He wants to battle the Old Russian Empire. Czar Putin?

McCain is claiming credit for the 9/11 Commission?

Largest re-organization of government. If McCain thinks that was done well, he’s nuts.

John, dear, al Qaeda doesn’t need Iraq to establish bases.

I believe Obama is correct that China is holding $1 trillion of our debt.

Good; make connection between $10 billion/month in Iraq and lack of money for domestic needs.

McCain is trying to connect Obama to Bush?

Hasn’t McCain voted against money for vets?

The fact checkers will be working on this for a week.

McCain was a POW? I didn’t know that!

Re fact-checking, Think Progress already has a lot of stuff up.

Post Game Show:

Matthews says that Obama seemed more presidential.

However, we’ve got Pat Buchanan and Norah O’Donnell saying McCain won. What’s going on on the other channels?

However, Buchanan admitted McCain seemed mean.

Joe Biden is on all the cable networks. Sarah Palin has been locked in her motel room.

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Rock On

McCain-Palin, Obama-Biden

The debate is on, and I will be liveblogging when the time comes. See you here.

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McCain’s Bluff Has Been Called

Bush Administration, McCain-Palin

As of 8 AM today there is still no word whether John McCain will show up for tonight’s debate. However, in most media (I don’t count Faux News) there appears to be consensus that McCain’s skipping the debate would be a boneheaded move. Even Republicans are saying that, unless there are critical negotiations going on in the White House at the exact time the debate is scheduled, McCain had better haul his ass to Mississippi.

And it’s unlikely the Dems, who would have to agree to hold those critical negotiations, would give McCain an excuse not to be in Mississippi.

This morning a number of news stories say that McCain was a near non-participant in yesterday’s White House photo op meeting. Adam Nagourney and Elisabeth Bumiller write for the New York Times,

At the bipartisan White House meeting that Mr. McCain had called for a day earlier, he sat silently for more than 40 minutes, more observer than leader, and then offered only a vague sense of where he stood, said people in the meeting.

That was the “giving McCain the benefit of the doubt” version of the story. David Kurtz provides a little more detail:

During the late afternoon meeting at the White House (a meeting which was McCain’s idea), McCain sat silently at the table until nearly the end, according to a Hill source who was briefed on the meeting. At that point, I’m told, McCain vaguely brought up the proposal being pushed by the Republican Study Committee, the group of House conservatives that is bucking the GOP leadership. But McCain didn’t offer any specifics and didn’t necessarily advocate for the plan, according to the Hill source.

Responding to McCain, Treasury Secretary Paulson said that the RSC proposal was unworkable, my source says, at which point McCain didn’t really advocate for it or state his own position. The meeting adjourned soon after, amid confusion over where negotiations could go next.

There are other news stories that give different accounts of who introduced the RSC proposal. Marc Ambinder says other Republicans in the meeting brought it up. David Rogers of The Politico says Barack Obama brought it up first to squeeze the Republicans.

Whatever the details, all accounts agree on one point — McCain sat through most of the meeting silently, like a bump on a log, and made no substantive contribution.

In a column in which he reveals something that perhaps he didn’t intend, David Brooks writes about McCain in the past tense. The McCain of the past as described by Brooks is in no way the same man who showed up at yesterday’s White House meeting. Either Brooks’s views of past McCain were highly skewed (which is highly possible), or McCain is deteriorating before our eyes.

This morning Americans — the ones paying attention, anyway — are hearing the news that negotiations on a bailout deal fell apart after McCain got to Washington. Oh, and guess what? Here’s the biggest bank failure in U.S. history. Way to go!

It’s not clear to me what will happen if Obama shows up tonight and McCain doesn’t. However, I say again that unless some critical meetings or negotiations are taking place in Washington tonight, most Americans will assume McCain just plain ducked out. Not very heroic of him.

Also: A bold, fresh piece of pathology — listen to rightie “intelligentsia” eating its own. Revealing, but not in the way Allahpundit thinks it is.


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