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Holy Bleep

Bush Administration

The NYSE down 777 bleeping points today? Bleep.

I just saw this Moveon ad on television:

Thanks, Moveon.

Paul Krugman has been keeping up. See “21st century prewar crises,” “Bailout questions answered,” “OK, we are a banana republic,” “Politics of Crisis.”

Krugman quote: “Just worth pointing out: Henry Paulson’s decision to let Lehman fail, on Sept. 14, may have delivered the White House to Obama. ”

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“Dan Quayle was Metternich by comparison.”

economy, McCain-Palin, Obama-Biden

Sarah Palin endorses Hamas.

More tidbits:

The McCain campaign has banned Mo Dowd from the plane. I think in the spirit of bipartisanship, the Obama campaign should ban her also.

Paul Krugman on why McCain must not become president: “The modern economy, it turns out, is a dangerous place — and it’s not the kind of danger you can deal with by talking tough and denouncing evildoers.”

Shorter Stanley Kurtz: Community organizers caused the mortgage crisis.

Even shorter Stanley Kurtz: Blame black people.

Breaking: The House rejected the bailout plan.

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If You Need Further Proof


… that wingnuts are idiots, here it is.

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If I Had One Wish


I’d put Bill Kristol in charge of John McCain’s campaign.

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