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A sequel to “Don’t Cry for Me, Sarah Palin.” Enjoy.

Utterly Unrelated Update: Today’s best headline — “The Joy of Sachs.”

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  1. erinyes  •  Jul 17, 2009 @6:50 am

    God, she’s soooo hot; and I’m sure she winked at ME………….

  2. A Canadian Reader  •  Jul 17, 2009 @10:51 am


  3. PurpleGirl  •  Jul 17, 2009 @11:54 am

    Oh that was good, so good.

  4. uncledad  •  Jul 17, 2009 @4:57 pm

    Her voice is almost as annoying as the real thing, couldn’t get through it. Just like a real Sarah Palin performance.

  5. s  •  Jul 17, 2009 @7:04 pm

    On the unrelated post:
    I have an idea.. instead of giving big bonuses with that profit, they can give the money back to the government.

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