Reverse Evolution

Wingnuts Being Wingnuts

Thanks to Uncledad for the video suggestion.

What can one say, but … omg.

Update: See Ad Boycott Costs Glenn Beck Over 50% of Ad Dollars” and (spoof alert, I think) “Glenn Beck’s ‘9-12’ logo based on communist and socialist designs.”

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  1. erinyes  •  Sep 14, 2009 @8:03 pm

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross”

  2. QrazyQat  •  Sep 14, 2009 @8:15 pm

    at 7:58: “You know this how?”

    Wow indeed. Then there’s this at 8:39: “Glenn Beck has such a logical mind.”

    Double wow. We got us a sea of dumb out there.

  3. QrazyQat  •  Sep 14, 2009 @8:24 pm

    That was actually “Glenn Beck is such a logical thinker”.

  4. uncledad  •  Sep 14, 2009 @8:55 pm

    Yeah BecKKK’s a logical thinker alright. Obama gets elected what the next logical step, revolution! Fight the power!

  5. c u n d gulag  •  Sep 14, 2009 @9:11 pm

    Waves from that ‘sea of dumb’ will soon form a tsunami of stupid and drown us all.

    Ugly violence is coming soon. Very soon. It will make what happened in the ’60’s look like a day at the beach.
    Maybe this will wake the media up about using rascist’s and lunatics to spike their ratings. Maybe cooler heads will prevail in the media and call these people what they are, and they’ve stepped over some boundries. I don’t think that’ll happen. There are no boundries when it comes to chasing dollars.

    Question: If Glenn Becks show is “entertainment,” as he claims, how come many of us aren’t entertained, only disgusted.

  6. joanr16  •  Sep 14, 2009 @9:12 pm

    One thing we can do to combat this insanity is dig under the sofa cushions, empty the piggybank, send any spare change (yeah, I know; who has any these days?) to organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center:

    As they used to say on Battlestar Galactica: “All this has happened before, and will happen again.” These days I find myself sending extra support to groups that have a long history of battling the old familiar brand of crazy we’re seeing here.

  7. uncledad  •  Sep 14, 2009 @9:42 pm

    “Maybe this will wake the media up about using rascist’s and lunatics to spike their ratings.”

    Right so expect to see more of this lunacy. Someone I think a commentor here on the mahablog best deascribed todays media as nothing more than food fight referee’s. I would agrre but I would add enablers, they love this crap, better to sell more ads.

    If anyone wants to part with some spare change I would also recommend these folks. They managed to get over 50 advertisers to pull ad buys off of Glenn BecKKK’s program, they also advovate for other “legal” issues as well.

  8. Ajay  •  Sep 14, 2009 @9:49 pm

    I used to be ashamed to know people like this existed in this world, especially around us. Too bad, I am now just used to them and fully expect a good number to be like them.

  9. melbradley  •  Sep 14, 2009 @9:50 pm

    Ron White was right, “you can’t fix stupid”.

  10. moonbat  •  Sep 15, 2009 @12:53 am

    Great article over at Huffington Post. Excerpts:

    …As to those who agree with some, or much, of what I say, you’d better get off your asses right now. I mean right now. The greedy and the foolish are ruling the day, even after they lost an election (and even though they hold no majorities, either in government or in population). Because they’re working harder. They’re yelling louder. Their hatred is out hustling your good will by a mile. How many of them showed up in Washington, fifty-thousand, or 1.5 million? It doesn’t matter. Because no bigger demonstration existed to demand government-subsidized health insurance be available to those who want it. Were there facts shouted at the town hall meetings, or lies? It doesn’t matter. Because there was no larger force, to sing “I Ain’t A-Scared of Your Lies, ‘Cause I Want My Health Care,” to the tune of the old civil rights song “I Ain’t A-Scared of Your Jail, ‘Cause I Want My Freedom.” That would have made the evening news. Because it would have taken a spectacle, and used it as a jumping point to create a bigger, more powerful, one. Because it would have framed the effort for what it is, a struggle for what should be a civil right. And, at least for one small day, a news cycle would have been won, instead of lost…..

    It’s funny to remember and compare such a small incident, but it applies. When I still lived in New York, I owned a small apartment in a co-op building. There was a security guard who patrolled the block at night, and he was paid by voluntary contributions from those who chose to give. Ten dollars a months was the requested amount. Ten dollars a month, from people who owned Manhattan real estate, in order to make the block a bit safer, and a bit cleaner. But payments to the guard’s salary were dwindling, so a survey was done, and it became clear that while 50% of the people on the block were contributing, our building had a participation rate of only 30%. At a board meeting, some of my neighbors said, “I don’t go out at night. Why should I have to pay for a security guard when I don’t go out at night?”

    “Well, would you rather have to step over broken glass and used condoms during the day, when you do go out?” I asked. “Would you rather have noise and music from groups that gather at night, or hear screams from people being robbed, or worse?” It didn’t matter. They weren’t moved.

    So we did what the law allowed us to do. We took a vote, and we made the ten dollars a month a mandatory part of the building’s monthly maintenance charges. We went from 30% participation, to 100%. In other words, we stopped trying to reason with them, or make them understand, or agree. We used our majority, and we rammed it down their throats. It’s time now to do the same. This is a war we’re in. Not a shooting war (and I condemn anyone who takes up arms on either side of it, like some have already done at supposed “Town Hall Meetings”). It’s an ideological war. And the longer it takes to recognize and acknowledge that fact, the longer it will take for our society to throw off the outsized influence of those who are willing to wage one from the other side….

    Read the whole thing.

  11. Pat Pattillo  •  Sep 15, 2009 @12:55 am

    The moment they stage an event the average IQ plummets to the lower double digits in the city they invade. Glenn Beck’s tiny heart must swell with pride.

  12. QrazyQat  •  Sep 15, 2009 @3:02 am

    What particularly got me about the “You know this how?” comment, along with other bits where the protesters didn’t know this or that, is how they reacted when the guy with the mike told them. It was like they were watching an act of magic, not stage magic but really honest to goodness wizardry. They were awestruck, they just have no idea whatever how on earth anyone can possibly find out this kind of information.

    And they have no interest in learning. That’s what moves them over the line from ignorant (can be fixed) to can’t-be-fixed-dumb.

  13. joanr16  •  Sep 15, 2009 @8:55 am

    It was like they were watching an act of magic, not stage magic but really honest to goodness wizardry.

    “The Liberry of Congherss website?!! Yer a WIIITCH!!”

    I get basically that response at work because I can use the MS Word draw program. Also because I watch PBS and learn things. People are desperately afraid of knowledge these days.

  14. silly me  •  Sep 15, 2009 @8:57 am

    That level of ignorance, while not surprising, is still frightening.

  15. goatherd  •  Sep 15, 2009 @9:04 am

    I disco’d my TV satellite link when Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp bought Direct TV about eight years ago. I have never missed it. When I cancelled I explained that it was because of his negative effect on American politics, etc. If one or two million people would be willing to cancel their servcie for just a month or two, you might see real change.

    In your spare time you could take up the flute, it really won’t hurt a bit.

  16. bill bush  •  Sep 15, 2009 @9:22 am

    Moonbat, thank you for the HuffPo link. I had missed his previous article, but this one says it all. This is the funniest and saddest string of comments I have seen in a while, especially the “WIITCH!” one. I hope some of these people see this video clip and realize how ignorant they are. I had not realized my DirecTV was owned by Murdoch. I guess I’ll have to go to DISH, since there is no tv here without a satellite dish.

  17. s  •  Sep 15, 2009 @9:46 am

    I remember during the repug controlled 8 yrs when they changed the laws to allow for monopolies on media. I could be wrong, but it seems to me much of the media is controlled by the right.

    “Maybe this will wake the media up about using rascist’s and lunatics to spike their ratings.”
    …………… I wouldn’t hold my breath… they are supporting “their” side

  18. Crazy About Urban Planning  •  Sep 15, 2009 @12:41 pm

    “district of corruption” “[obama is the]anti Christ [its in the bible]” “i believe communism, fascism, and socialism are interchangeable” “what is a czar? [Reagan appointed the first czar?] I wasn’t aware of that! – you know this how? – that I don’t know!”

    I watched this video a twice and I can draw several conclusions. I would presume most of these people live in cocoons surrounded by Limbaugh, Hannity, and Glenn Beck. They don’t have a direct relationship with things called “facts.” It was nice to see how they reacted upon learning that Ray-Gun the Great actually appointed the first “czar” – several of them seemed willing to change their opinions.

    Its also good to point out that for about an hour I watched this rally on C-Span. Speaker after speaker went up to this podium and said nothing, they spoke in words with no facts or substance. To paraphrase what each speaker said: “We are all patriots, because we are here!” “Our taxes are sky high…[note: I’m not sure where they get this from – taxes are actually lower under Obama due to a tax cut connected with the stimulus].” “Obama and liberals stink.” “Give me freedom.”

    In terms of solutions: I believe its urgent we begin to reform our media. I believe this should be done to encourage local broadcasts, with both right and left voices and less focus on the broad national news. While Public Radio still does in depth interviews and reporting, I’ve observed that they aren’t doing it as often any more. One of the terrible things of the national news broadcasts is people don’t know what is happening in localities anymore and citizens have no sense of identity with the place they actually live.

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