How the Right Wing Noise Machine Manufactured “Climategate”

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  1. joanr16  •  Dec 10, 2009 @2:09 pm

    Sigh. There sure are enough self-deluded righties commenting on that linked article.

    How about we set up a fake joint book-signing by Palin and Beck, which in fact leads attendees onto a rocket to be sent into the sun? If they refuse to stop wrecking the planet, they can gtfo.

  2. Jennifer  •  Dec 10, 2009 @2:48 pm

    A Climatologist is a friend of mine (on Facebook ) but one of his friends is a intolerant, foot stomping reactionary who keeps spitting on the scientist’s wall. No one wants to go after him because we are all “playing nice”, but he doesn’t have to. That’s how they get ahead.

  3. freD  •  Dec 10, 2009 @3:42 pm

    Been said many times before, but it’s still interesting how righties will demand the backing of “liberal” assertions while providing none (or questionable) themselves. Even more interesting is how they focus on global warming / The MSM as this gigantic conspiracy, instead of focusing on the complexities, costs and uncertainties of mandated GW solutions. Conservative thought = shallow thought.

  4. FOXPRAVDA  •  Dec 10, 2009 @4:04 pm

    all noise – all the time

  5. Sam Simple  •  Dec 10, 2009 @4:25 pm

    freD makes several good points – thanks for that. As a commenter on digby’s blog, Hullabaloo, put it: A big reason conservatives despise any suggestion that anthropogenic climate change is real is that it discredits their unshakeable belief that so-called “free” markets solve all problems. They also recognize that conservative orthodoxy holds no solutions to the problem. You can’t tax cut your way out of global climate change! In fact, the only solutions to global climate change are three things that conservatives hate: government intervention, higher taxes and more international cooperation.

  6. Bob K  •  Dec 10, 2009 @4:32 pm

    Toxic political commentary. Perhaps some contributing factors were these: Ascendancy of Reagan era Republicans, Knock offs of Rush Limbaugh style commentary (his first all-talk no music radio program was sometime around 1984) In 1984 Newscorp completed purchase of 20th Century Fox. In 1986 Fox Broadcasting was launched. To quote Marge Simpson. “Fox turned into a hardc0re p0rn channel so gradually I didn’t even notice.”

  7. Off Topic (sorry)  •  Dec 10, 2009 @5:17 pm
  8. uncledad  •  Dec 10, 2009 @6:29 pm

    It seems the liberals or the progressives always have to be the adults in this and many other debates we always have to deliver the not so good solutions to the great challenges we face:

    We have to tell the dimwitted teabaggers that they cannot continue to pollute our earth, our energy lifestyles have to change.

    We have to tell the dimwitted teabaggers that we can’t keep sending troops tour after tour for a war that cannot be won. Wars need to end and they need to be paid for.

    We have to tell the dimwitted teabaggers that we will all have to pay our share of taxes so we have roads, schools, military, etc. nothing is for free.

    We have to tell the dimwitted teabaggers how two live in a civil society, they need to be told that they can’t have everything they want at the expense of those less fortunate.

    The relationship between liberals and teabaggers is much like a broken home. The parent who has to raise the children in a responsible manner (liberals) and the parent who only sees the children on weekend and spoils them rotten (teabaggers). Sometimes it’s easy to like the weekend parent more. That’s the difference between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

  9. Little Red Corvette  •  Dec 10, 2009 @8:08 pm

    Uncledad:Sadly so true. The shiny new Corvette compared to the ratty 10 year old Toyota. Which to choose? What’s saddest are the ranks of people who are newly unemployed that want their country back. The jobs were sent overseas by who? The predatory lending practices were created by who? Derivatives were embraced by who? GREED IS GOD – IN GOLD WE TRUST. Can’t argue with Faux Nooz talking points. Might as well shout at the rain.

  10. erinyes  •  Dec 10, 2009 @8:28 pm

    I met a guy quite by accident last month who is into trading carbon credits.
    The way I ran into him is so bizzare, that it almost got me thinking there is something to the idea of synchronicity, and possibly destiny.
    But anyway, we are headed into uncharted, exciting territories beyond our wildest dreams; and the free markets will flourish with what is to come. I’m talking about carbon credits, carbon sequestration, new ways of producing energy and food.
    The “right” fears all this because they currently hold the monopoly through big oil, big pharma, the weapons industry, big ag.
    The Saudis are leading the charge against the Copenhagen meeting, our big oil is begining to realize that with out a Bush in office, they may have to hire Blackwater directly instead of going through the feds to secure their oil fields and transit routes.That dog won’t hunt.
    The whole world is watching, the truth is out there.
    The best anology I can think of is the story of Prometheus stealing fire from Zeus to give to the mortals, Prometheus paid a price, but was saved by Heracles……

  11. freD  •  Dec 10, 2009 @8:49 pm

    I think that Digby commenter was talking about the smarter ones.

    After engaging a “No AGW!” rightie for a while, I linked him to that GWB official White House message (which at least agreed with the researchers). Dude immediately switched gears (as if the word of GWB = the word of God), and linked me to a paper about cyclic sunspot activity. Some quick checks on my part uncovered that the paper had been done by a high school student for a debate class. I got called a buncha names – end of “debate”.

    I got tired of being linked by righties to “citizen groups” which were backed by energy companies and stuff long ago. Today I find planting hoax-memes on right wing sites more entertaining. If they trust you as one of their own they’ll suck up some real doozies.

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