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Goodbye to the Zeroes


2009 was an extreme year for me; lots of highs and lows. I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped me through the rough patches, and also all of you who drop by here to comment. Other blogs may attract more comments, but the Mahablog comment threads beat everyone in sheer smarts. I feel privileged.

So far my I Ching readings for 2010 have been pretty gloomy, speaking of frustration and obstacles, which suggests that the pattern of the last few months will continue for the next few months. Bummer.

I’ve been looking for a funny video to cheer me (and us) up, but the best I could find was a dancing cockatoo. Feel free to nominate something in the comments. And try to have a happy new year, anyway!

Update: At least, enjoy the music.

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