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Make It So

Wingnuts Being Wingnuts

Limbaugh says he will flee to Costa Rica if health care reform passes!

FYI, Costa Rica has an excellent national healthcare system somewhat more “socialist” than what President Obama is proposing, but don’t tell Rushbo. Please.

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Another Shooting

Social Issues

With apologies to the families of both people who died in the shooting at Ohio State this afternoon

The campus police said that they believed the gunman, who arrived carrying two handguns, may have been disgruntled about a poor work evaluation.

Rightie translation: He was unhinged over labor issues and therefore a Leftie.

The shooting comes as state legislatures are debating whether to ban guns on college campuses. … Twenty six states, including Ohio, forbid guns on college campuses …

Brace yourself for a solid week of screaming nonsense about how if workers/students at Ohio State could carry concealed weapons, a shooting like today’s could not possibly ever happen, ever. Because.

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It’s Official

Bush Administration

Stanley Fish is an idiot.

Update: Steve M comments.

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