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Senate Bill Passed

Congress, Health Care

The Senate bill has passed in the House. Now they have to vote on the reconciliation bill.

Update: I’m seeing 217 votes. We’ve got it. We have health care reform.

I like what Ezra Klein said on MSNBC. He said this is just the beginning of a process. It provides a structure on which to build.

Update: Paul Krugman: “A victory for America’s soul.”

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Let It Be

Obama Administration

I understand that the official HCR vote will be this evening, some time after 8 o’clock, and that President Obama will sign it into law asap. The Senate still has to pass the revision package, but I think that can be later. The Senate bill itself will have passed.

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Today’s Vote


I’ve been out since early this morning and just got back to find that Dems are still trying to pull together the 216 votes. Like it or not, they need some of the Stupak gang. Apparently he said yes, but then he said no.

I literally cannot watch this. I will check in later to see how it’s going. In the meantime, talk among yourselves and post any news you hear.

Update: Stupak switches to yes. I think this means the thing will pass.

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