Michael Steele Retirement Watch

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Betting pool proposal: On what day will Michael Steele announce he wants to spend more time with his family?

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  1. uncledad  •  Mar 31, 2010 @1:05 pm

    This Thursday 4-1-10!

  2. Bob K  •  Mar 31, 2010 @1:54 pm

    Since it IS for Michael Steele – here’s the watch he’ll probably make the RNC buy him:


  3. felicity  •  Mar 31, 2010 @2:21 pm

    I’ll be surprised if he ‘retires.’ Truth be told, as ugly as it is it is a fact that he’s courting the amoral (and I’m not referring to sex), super rich among us by providing them with the entertainment and lavish displays of unbridled wealth (not to mention really bad taste) which means he’s bringing in the big cash. Hardly a reason to fire him.

  4. Bob K  •  Mar 31, 2010 @3:36 pm

    OT – Remember when Reagan would rant about young bucks buying T-bone steaks with food stamps, and welfare queens driving around in Cadillacs? Those were the days.


  5. Bonnie  •  Mar 31, 2010 @5:45 pm

    Michael Steele is too dumb to know that he should resign. The man is a fool. I know I lived in Maryland while he was Attorney General for Maryland.

  6. justme277  •  Mar 31, 2010 @8:03 pm

    When you donate money to the RNC it goes to funding important matter like trips to a gentlemans club…..I am so glad to see the hard earned money of everyday righties going into the thongs of pastie wearing working gals! Onward Christian soldiers! The christian right needs to keep those checks coming, cause if we really wanna win this fight new bigger boobs are not gonna pay for themselves and they don’t come cheap! Finally bad money put to a good use…

    I would like to suggest the RNC next time choose vegas and go at the same time as the adult entertainment awards… that way there will be something for every style of kink your party thrives on, you don’t have to go to a gentlemens club to get a lap dance and what happens in vegas stays there(they bill your credit card for “office supplies” when you go to the jiggle joints)

  7. Swami  •  Mar 31, 2010 @8:42 pm

    Why would he retire? If my employer was picking up the tab for me to get my jollies by frequenting lesbian bondage themed strip joints —I know I wouldn’t retire any time soon. So I don’t think Steel will either.

  8. maha  •  Mar 31, 2010 @8:47 pm

    Swami — I don’t think Steele will decide to spend more time with his family voluntarily. I think he will be given a choice he can’t refuse.

  9. Swami  •  Mar 31, 2010 @8:59 pm

    Oh, you mean Steele has be elevated to the GOP pariah status…”Psst..Don’t be seen talking to Michael, or you might be joining him on the trip out the door”. Dead man walking?

  10. Doug Hughes  •  Mar 31, 2010 @9:14 pm

    Steele is an embarrassment and a fool. He likes being the center of attention and might not go willingly. I also wonder if he has a ‘Hoover’ file on key people. My bet is that he will stay on and fight Rush Limbaugh for the title, while congressional republicans try to ‘disavow any knowledge of his actions’….

    It could make for a fun side show leading up to the 2010 elections.

  11. uncledad  •  Apr 1, 2010 @12:01 am

    Well Maha its midnight 4-1-10 and only I laid down a date. Does this mean I win even if Steele stays on? It seems to me that without anyone else in the pool, I win something.

  12. moonbat  •  Apr 1, 2010 @12:05 am

    Doug makes a good point – Steele will be muscled out in time for the 2012 or maybe the 2010 elections (if it’s not too late). I suspect the GOP poobahs might give him a crack at 2010 (since it’s only a few months away), but force him out afterwards. So, put me down for late Nov, early December 2010. The guy sounds like an utter embarassment, too stupid to know any better.

  13. uncledad  •  Apr 1, 2010 @12:13 am

    Hey since Sarah brought it up again.


  14. FearItself  •  Apr 1, 2010 @9:41 am

    Nov 5, 2010 – the Friday after the election.

  15. Cugel  •  Apr 1, 2010 @11:49 am

    This is a NON-EVENT! Steele has ALREADY indicated that he WON’T step down voluntarily — and they can’t force him out without a 2/3 vote, which they can’t get.

    If they had the votes to force him out they’d have done it already. But, they don’t.

    His term will expire in January, and then he’ll face intense opposition to his continuing as chairman. But, not until then will he go.

  16. bill bush  •  Apr 1, 2010 @9:39 pm

    Hey, Mikey! How’s that ropey-chainy thing workin’ out for ya?

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