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I Haz a Snark

Obama Administration

I have to write fast because my laptop cooler stopped working and I have about half an hour before the laptop overheats. Dontcha love technology?

Anyway, here’s some first-rate snark — John Cole predicts that Turkey will be the new Iran. The Gaza-bound flotilla that was raided by Israeli commandos a few days ago was under the flag of Turkey. The “wingnut Wurlitzer” has gone to work demonizing Turkey. “I suspect by this time next year your average teabagging idiot will be convinced the Turks were behind 9/11 and the Holocaust,” John Cole says.

Among the people killed in the raid was a 19-year-old American citizen named Furkan Dogan. Dorgan, who was born in New York but has lived most of his life in Turkey, was shot five times at close range, four times in the head.

Steve M’s headline: MALKIN ATTACK COMING IN 5, 4, 3, …

How soon is Michelle Malkin going to spit on this kid’s grave? How thorough is the mistress of garbology going to be in rummaging through everything the kid ever said or did, along with the words and deeds of every one of his relatives up to eighth cousins twice removed, until she’s left no doubt that Satan would consider himself an evildoing underachiever by comparison? What Malkin’s going to do to this kid will make Joe McGinniss’s work on Sarah Palin look like press agentry. It’s going to be ugly. My condolences in advance to the family.

However, Little Lulu has been striving mightily to tie together Rod Blagojevich, Joe Sestak, Andrew Romanoff, the Services Employees International Union, Chicago politics from the beginning of time, and the entire staff of the White House all together in one big unified field pseudo-scandal. but, fiddle-dee-dee, tomorrow is another day.

Time’s up; gotta shut down before my hard drive fries. I’ll get a new laptop cooler tomorrow sometime.

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Sometimes Merit Shines Through


The New York Times just announced that it will host the great FiveThirtyEight blog on its website and make Nate Silver a regular contributor to the newspaper. It’s so gratifying, and rare, to see a break like that go to someone like Nate who actually deserves it. The evil MSM seems to pick up 50 Erick Ericksons for every one Nate Silver, unfortunately, but it’s nice to see one of the good guys win once in a while.

Congratulations, Nate!

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