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The Republican Snit Machine

Obama Administration

So Sir Paul McCartney played a concert for the Obamas at the Library of Congress, and at the end of the concert he said, “After the last eight years, it’s good to have a president that knows what a library is.”

And the Right is going ballistic. It’s OK to call the sitting President a “raghead” and a criminal and whatnot, but a Republican president stands on a higher pedestal. John Boehner actually said that Sir Paul ought to apologize to the American people. No, I think Bush ought to apologize to the American people, and all the rest of the people, and Boehner ought to apologize as well. Just because.

I was thinking of how the entire American South went into a paroxysm of record-burning when John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. I doubt Sir Paul is wasting sleep over John Boehner.

But does Boehner really think America is offended? Hello?

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