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More McChrystal

Obama Administration

Gen. McChrystal has been relieved of command and replaced by Gen. Petraeus, who was already commanding Afghanistan and Iraq, so I don’t know how that’s going to work.

Late yesterday I had fun watching the news headlines whir by on the Web. First the news (originating from The Telegraph, I think) was that General McChrystal had resigned. Then it was that he intended to resign. Then it was that he might offer his resignation. By noon or so today it had retreated to “might be asked to resign.” But “relieved of command” works.

One of the best analyses of l’affaire McChrystal is by Simon Tisdall at The Guardian. One of the dumbest is by WaPo‘s Jackson Diehl.

Update: See also analysis by Adam Serwer at TAPPED.

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