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The Night’s Results

Obama Administration

I have been out this evening and just got back to learn that Ron Johnson beat Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. I see Rubio is in in Florida and Rand Paul won in Kentucky. Kentucky has a lot to answer for.

I’m not going to stay up late tonight to see West Coast results, but please do talk among yourselves about the evening.

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The Voting Day, Miss Lucy Memorial Fund and I Need a New Starter for My Car Post

Obama Administration

Sometimes I like to pretend life is just a Monopoly game, and I am a thimble who lives in a little green plastic house on Baltic Avenue. I’m happy whenever I can get around the board once and collect my $200 without going to jail. However, today I drew the “car repair” Chance card and must cough up a bunch of money to get the Mahamobile out of the garage. So I’m cranking the Miss Lucy Memorial Fundraiser up again.


It’s been about a year since I’ve done any fund-raising, and I’m in a hole because of Miss Lucy’s vet and crematory costs, so I’m banging the tin cup again. Right now I can’t even spring Lucy’s ashes from the mortuary, never mind catch up on the bills that didn’t get paid because I had to get her veterinary care. I would be most grateful for whatever you can spare.

And if all you can spare is $1, I’d be grateful for that. If everyone who drops by here every day chipped in just $1, it would make a real difference to me.

And if not for me, give so I can bring Lucy home.

Miss Lucy


For those of you experiencing fatal failures with PayPal, I also have an Open Salon blog on which I post once in a blue moon. If you go to the most recent post you ought to be able to find a “tip” box at the bottom of the post, and this sends money to something that isn’t PayPal. I have no idea what kind of hoops that system makes you jump through, though.

In other news — today is election day, folks, and conventional wisdom says Dems will lose a lot of seats in Congress and probably lose the House altogether. Nate Silver says it is possible, if unlikely, that Dems could do better than expected and keep the House. It’s also possible Republicans could do better than expected.

Righties, who have a childlike inability to temper expectations, are already celebrating their blowout. And of course if they pick up fewer than the expected 50-60 seats in the House, they will be screaming about voter fraud.

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