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Well, at Least They’re Keeping Busy

Obama Administration

House Democrats have voted to not bring the tax cut extension compromise bill in its current form to a vote. This caucus decision is not binding on the House, but it’s still pretty significant, seems to me. The current bill might get enough votes to pass, assuming all Republicans voted for it (which I’m not sure can be assumed, since the teabaggers appear to be opposed), and the Usual Suspects among the Dems voted with the GOP. But if Speaker Pelosi doesn’t bring it to the floor for a vote, then that’s that.

If the bill can be made more progressive, great. I just hope the next Congress doesn’t end up passing something even worse.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans blocked a bill to provide medical care to the people who ruined their health working on “the pile” also known as Ground Zero, or the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center after 9/11. Many worked amidt the fumes for several weeks without proper ventilation equipment, which the Bush EPA and the Guiliani Administration in New York City didn’t see fit to provide. Having served their usefulness as photo props, they can be disposed of now.

There is talk in the Senate of adding the medical care bill to the tax cut extension bill, and then daring the Republicans to vote against it.

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