Jack LaLanne, 1914-2011

Obama Administration

Now he’s swimming the Milky Way, towing asteroids and small planets.

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  1. erinyes  •  Jan 24, 2011 @6:32 am

    Lalanne lived life well, his story just inspired me to get back on the fitness train….tomorrow.
    I had a friend named Al Hanson who died about 8 yrs ago in his early 90’s.
    Al was a deep sea diver in Los Angeles, he retired at 85; he was actually hitting the water almost daily in his deep sea rig until that time.
    He was quite a bit like Lalanne, but was more about physical work than lifting weights, Al once told me to stay out of bars, take care of your teeth, and eat something with a seed in it every day. Al would never hire a man who smoked, which was a bit quirky in his generation which considered those who did not smoke to be “health nuts”.
    Here is a link to the book Al and his wife Norma wrote:
    IN the 50′, Al and Norma performed a deep sea diving show called “The diving Hansons” in Avalon bay, Catalina Is.;some of the more mature “Mahabloggers” may remember that.

  2. c u n d gulag  •  Jan 24, 2011 @9:38 am

    I remember LaLanne’s TV show back in the day.
    I also remember Charles Atlas, whose ads were on the back of my comic’s, right near the X-ray glasses I always wanted.
    If you looked at LaLanne, and then Atlas, you saw the peak of male physical development. I was watching the NFL championship games, and if you look at those guys, they make Charles Atlas look like the kid wiping sand out of his face. Steroids? Human Growth Hormone? People will say it’s the equipment and the new excersizes, and I think there’s something to that, but still…
    And yeah, I’m going to hop on my excersize bike more regularly.
    Jack LaLanne, you were a physical wonder, and from what I’d heard, a nice man. Bon voyage.

  3. moonbat  •  Jan 24, 2011 @11:08 am

    “Happily we exercise, exercise, exercise…”

    I’m going to get on my bike this aftternoon in honor of Jack.

  4. Lynne  •  Jan 25, 2011 @3:06 pm

    We used to laugh at his show back in the ’50’s. I’ll never last as long as he did. A terrific influence for good in this country.