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Not Enough Tinfoil

Wingnuts Being Wingnuts

Frank Gaffney

Neoconservative Frank Gaffney (in photo) had planned to boycott CPAC because, he says, it has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. However, he showed up anyway, to warn his fellow wingnuts that Suhail A. Khan, a Muslim American who is on the board of directors of the American Conservative Union, is an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Gaffney has also warned that Grover Norquist is somehow trying to promote the Muslim Brotherhood agenda within conservatism. Think Progress:

“I belive the conservative movement is being subjected to a concerted Muslim Brotherhood infiltration effort,” Gaffney told us, adding that Norquist began his insidious effort in the 1980s. Norquist’s wife is Muslim.

Poor Suhail Khan, who’s been a loyal waterboy for conservatism for several years, faced hostile questioning from attendees who were certain he had to have ties to radicalism because, well, he’s Muslim. The take-away from the conference is that Khan is covering for the Muslim Brotherhood, at least.

And all Muslims are radical according to the conventioneers

At a well-attended Friday event paid for and sponsored by Geller and Spencer, accusations that the conservative conference has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood were tossed around with abandon — and concerns about Islam itself as a faith were openly voiced by both audience members and panelists.

“For 10 years, people have been asking for moderate Muslims to speak up,” said Spencer. “We’re going to be waiting for those guys until doomsday.”

“Moderate Muslims don’t exist,” said one audience member at the Geller and Spencer event. “Muslims are not able to be moderate — or they are speaking against what is written in the Koran.”

Geller herself attacked CPAC and its organizers — the American Conservative Union, calling for the ouster of several ACU executives.

“This is the problem with CPAC. It’s corrupted and compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood,” Geller told the audience at her panel, saying CPAC’s leaders were either “clueless or complicit” to the threat posed by Islamists.

This is alarming —

“One of the things we have to do is not let sharia creep into our own legal system,” said Jim Woolsey, former CIA director under President Bill Clinton.

He was CIA director under Clinton?

Word is that Ron Paul was a big hit with most of the crowd, but the Young Americans for Freedom voted him off their advisory panel, anyway, saying that Paul is “off his meds.” Paul countered that he is now associated with Young Americans for Liberty. Seriously. See also Steve M.

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