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So Much for Freedom

Obama Administration

Anyone who works for a living in the United States and who doesn’t support the public service workers union in Wisconsin is an idiot. A brainwashed, drooling idiot.

The puppet masters want you to hate unions, especially pubic workers’ unions. They want you to resent public employees, because (if you’re employed in the private sector) they get pensions, and you don’t. They spread disinformation about what public employees are paid because they want you to believe that public employees get outrageously padded salaries.

They want you to hate unions, because they want to distract you from what they’re doing to you. Instead of resenting the chains that bind you, you resent those with fewer chains.

Via the BooMan, here’s the plan, according to Georgetown professor Joseph McCartin —

But an even more important factor is basically a 20- or 30-year period of failure in the private sector. What we are really looking at here is a private sector that for quite a long time now has not generated a lot of rising income for the great majority. It has not generated stable benefits for its workers, it has not generated increasing retirement security — in fact we’ve had income stagnation or decline, we’ve had rising indebtedness, we’ve had growing insecurity for retirement. The private sector has failed on a massive level. And the tenuous position that so many American workers find themselves in as a result of that now makes it suddenly appear that public sector workers are just living off the fatted calf. I think some of it has to do quite simply with the way in which so many nongovernment workers have been suffering, and legitimately so. You can go to those folks and say: Why are you paying for the pension of the guy down the street? You don’t have one!

Here’s the bottom line:

It is a real liability, but it is liability that is not the result of union munificence, or that came from squeezing the taxpayers; it is a liability that basically flows from the fact that the private sector has done so poorly at creating a really broad growing thriving middle class in the past 20 years. And without a broad growing, thriving middle class, government workers are increasingly isolated and increasingly under threat and it is easy to play the dynamic this way, unfortunately for them.

I say again, anyone who works for a living in the United States and who doesn’t support the public service workers union in Wisconsin is an idiot. Instead of railing against “greedy” public employees, which should be shaking our fists at private sector employers who are padding their profits on the backs of employees.

Here’s how backward it is — Flaming Idiot Tool Him Hoft is promoting a WISCONSIN FREEDOM RALLY to support the effort of the governor to bust public employee unions. Orwell himself would struggle to come up with this. The serfs are being rallied to support serfdom.

Freedom is the right to say two plus two make four. If granted, all else follows.- George Orwell

Well, folks, giving up bargaining rights ain’t “freedom.”

At WaPo, E.J. Dionne writes that it’s reasonable to ask public employees to make some sacrifices during tough times. However,

But this isn’t just about budgets — or even primarily about budgets. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is drumming up a crisis to change the very nature of the relationship between public workers and the government. He would strip their unions of their bargaining rights on everything except wages. And, as The New York Times has noted, “any pay increase they win would be limited by the consumer price index.” Whether you think the second is good policy or not, it essentially renders collective bargaining meaningless. Why shouldn’t this be seen as a Republican governor and a Republican legislature looking for a way to strike a political blow against allies of the other party — and using budget issues as an excuse?

In response, Charles Kane sniffs, “what we have here, apparently, is a clash between two very different concepts of American democracy.” Ya think?

Kane’s argument is that the voters elected Gov. Scott Walker to do a job, and he’s doing it. But did Wisconsin voters specifically agree to union busting? Or just to some general idea that maybe the budget ought to be trimmed?

In another remarkable example of Orwellian doublespeak, Gov. Walker says he won’t be “bullied” by the unions. Wow. That’s like the wolf declaring he’s not going to let those thug chickens push him around.

Again, the issue here is not just whether public employees might be expected to make some sacrifices during an economic downturn, even if the downturn wasn’t their fault. This is about union busting; this is about taking away workers’ rights in perpetuity. And as the unions crumble, private sector employees will have even less incentive to do anything but ruthlessly exploit their non-union workers.

And if the financial sector were a farm, we’d all be the sharecroppers.

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