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The Rise of Ron

Republican Party

Just when you (maybe) were adjusting to the idea that Newt Gingrich is the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, Public Policy Polling announces that Newt’s frontrunner status is being challenged by … Ron Paul.

I keep thinking that Tim Pawlenty must be kicking himself 24/7 these days. But Steve Kornacki says the biggest reason Romney can’t close the deal is that southerners think he is a space alien. Romney is so not southern he makes Barack Obama look like Foghorn Leghorn.

I personally don’t think the Mormonism is the whole story. Speaking as a hillbilly myself, I think most of my people could handle a Mormon candidate if he seemed human and could push the right cultural buttons. Mittens strikes me as someone who would show up at a backyard barbeque wearing a suit and then eating his ribs and chicken with a knife and fork. Like I said, a space alien. Plus, he speaks French.

The rise of Paul is supposed to help Mittens in Iowa, but it’s the South that’s going to really matter.

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Ezra Klein:

There are two very different tax-policy conversations playing out in the Republican Party right now. In Washington, House Republicans are arguing with each other over how small of a temporary tax cut to give the middle class. Out on the primary trail, the Republican presidential candidates are arguing over how huge of a permanent tax cut to give the wealthy.

How Doctors Die.

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