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Turmoil Inside Komen


Top Susan G. Komen Official Resigned Over Planned Parenthood Cave-In

Also: The Komen Foundation’s Black Eye

Update: Why this is important

“If Komen can be completely and utterly destroyed or humiliated here, the next right-wing group that wants to fuck with women’s health will think twice.”

Muddying the Pink Ribbon

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Susan G. Komen, Will You Please Go Now?

Women's Issues

Latest — donations to Planned Parenthood in the past few hours have made up more than half of what they received from the Komen Foundation last year. Keep those donations going!

One of Komen’s biggest corporate sponsors is Ford Motors, Check out some of the comments (including mine) on the Ford Warriors in Pink Facebook page. Please leave more comments.

It turns out that only 24 percent of funds received by Komen actually goes into research. The Fund has turned into a huge money-making racket that spends more promoting itself than in actually being “for the cure.” Ironically, some of their promotional products contain potential carcinogens.

The makers of this new documentary probably are high-fiving this morning (thanks, gulag).

I agree with Tbogg that this bonehead move is destroying Komen’s “brand.”

Now the Komen people have spent a tremendous amount of time and money (using donation/sponsorship money) marketing themselves, tracking down new contributors, and maintaining relationships with long time contributors in order to feed the beast. Since the intersection of contributors who support both Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen Foundation is in all likelihood an almost complete overlap because they are both primarily associated with women’s health issues, the fall-out has to be huge. Somewhat larger than whatever value they think Karen Handel brings to the table, I assume. Think of this as a divorce between a couple who have been dear friends of yours for years and now you have to decide whose side you want to take. Based upon what I’m seeing and hearing, women see the Komen people as the bad guys because they’re the ones who threw out their partner in order to sleep with wingnuts for strictly political and, more importantly, not medical reasons. If I’m in the marketing department at Komen… I’m pissed. I’ve spent years developing a highly successful very lucrative cash vacuum and now either by executive fiat or fear of a marginal fringe group, potentially millions of dollars from longtime contributors is lost forever over a $600,000 grant. And for those who think those dollars are going to be made up by conservatives who are already hostile to the idea of providing adequate healthcare to their fellow citizens, much less the needs of only women, well then you’re whistling past the graveyard.

Let’s help make Komen radioactive. And may I add, I don’t think Komen will be able to rehabilitate itself, even if it fires the executives who made the decision.

Update: See Charles Pierce.

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