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This Way to the Tar Pits

Obama Administration

Word is that Harry Reid is going to allow the Senate to vote on the Roy Blunt amendment that would allow employers to opt out of mandated health insurance coverage for “moral” reasons.

There are all kinds of polls out now that say a majority of the public favors President Obama’s policy on mandated birth control coverage. The battle with the bishops hasn’t hurt Obama even among Catholic voters.

If Republicans are clueless enough to keep fighting this fight, then let ’em. We could end up with a nice stockpile of videos of old white guys ranting about the immorality of family planning.

Speaking of old white guys — now that the GOP nomination race is between Frothy and Mittens, I want to point to some data from a recent CNN/ORC poll (click to enlarge).

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Note that women tend to favor Mittens and men prefer Frothy. Notice also the conspicuous lack of nonwhites and people under 50. Heh. You’d think with all their antipathy to birth control there’d be some younger folks represented in the sampling.

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