Ships Desert the Sinking Rat

Obama Administration

Greg Sargent writes that Rushbo may have lost even more advertisers than we know about. See also Think Progress.

Mistermix suggests this could mark a permanent shift of “mainstream” advertisers away from right-wing talk radio — “the twenty-five year fantasy that right-wing radio is a mainstream American phenomenon is finally ending.”

Anyone who’s ever subscribed to Mother Jones is familiar with this phenomenon. I don’t subscribe now, but unless things have changed radically, McDonald’s, GM and the rest aren’t advertising there, for a simple reason: what Mother Jones prints is offensive to too many GM customers, not to mention GM itself. Mother Jones is financed by a mix of donations, grants and advertising from companies whose products are pitched directly at people with progressive values (like social investment firms). Similarly, Rush and the rest are going to have to re-tool with advertisers who cater to the 27%. Apparently this group is profitable for companies selling tinnitus cures and gold. Rush might not be able to make $50 million/year and fly around in a private jet by hawking quack remedies and begging the Koch brothers for donations, but he’ll no doubt be able to make a living.

I think that’s very likely true. However, I suspect some conservatives with deep pockets will see to it that Rush stays on as many stations as possible, at least until after the November election.

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  1. Swami  •  Mar 12, 2012 @4:06 pm

    Maybe Geritol might sponsor Rush. After all, it fits his geriatric audience demographic.

  2. maha  •  Mar 12, 2012 @4:21 pm

    I didn’t know they still made Geritol, but I looked it up, and you can buy it online. Yeah, there’s all kinds of quack health stuff to market to seniors. And maybe they can get ads from the Skooter Store.

  3. c u n d gulag  •  Mar 12, 2012 @4:09 pm

    This might actually be fun to watch!

    Rush’s competitors always hoped to be the next “King of the Hill,” when he stepped down, or did something so egregious, that he was finally kicked off the air.

    Now, ‘the hill’ that he was king of, is shrinking faster than a Rush erection when anything but a prepubescent boy is offered to him at a conservative media sex-tourist orgy on a tropical isle.

    I can hardly wait for the recriminations from “Thavage,” “Mono-brow,” “Becker-head,” and all of the B, C, and D-team yakkers, see their checks diminish, and blame it on “Rushba the Hut!”
    Oh, wait, I forgot – it’ll ALL be the fault of us Liberals, and our Liberal Lamestream Media!
    Sill me…

  4. WereBear  •  Mar 12, 2012 @6:14 pm

    I think most media buyers had only a vague idea of what his show was actually like; they would look at the demographics and say “Go.” If you’re not a Dittohead; it’s appalling. And if there’s anything a mainstream advertiser hates, it’s appalling.

  5. erinyes  •  Mar 12, 2012 @9:54 pm

    I have a new product I call “Fuckitall”.
    I compound it from shiitake mushrooms and pepper flavored vodka.
    A months supply is $19.95, helps me keep my sanity.

    ‘Great comics Re: Rush at Bartcop today!

  6. Swami  •  Mar 12, 2012 @10:27 pm

    Here’s a link to a petition to get the misogynist pig off Armed Forces Radio..It’s the real deal, and every little bit helps…

    If the list of sponsor who have already abandoned the blowhard is true and accurate it looks like he’s done, but a little more weight added to insure his departure can only help. Please expend the effort to do a service to our nation.

  7. Mike the Mad Biologist  •  Mar 13, 2012 @7:21 am

    While Rush will probably still keep going, his earnings could drop dramatically. That might make this particular form of wingnut welfare less appealing (I’m convinced many of them, while leaning right, don’t really believe a lot of what they’re saying).

  8. c u n d gulag  •  Mar 13, 2012 @7:33 am

    None of the other rightie yakkers make anywhere near as much money as “The Round Mound of Sound.”

    And if they start to run away from him, the next post could be called – “Fleas Desert the Sinking Rat.”

    And if they decide to lash back at Rush, “Fleas Attack Their Own Rat.”

    Like I said earlier – this could be a lot of fun!