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Today’s Paranoid News

Obama Administration

This weekend President Obama executed a coup against Congress and the American people, according to a number of rightie bloggers. The President will personally be coming for your guns and womenfolk and will probably confiscate your Bibles and your beer as well. Well, unless it’s Schlitz or Coors Lite; you can keep those. Pam Geller (to whom I do not link) claims that even our bodies have been nationalized and are now subject to presidential whim.

How did he do this? He signed this executive order. To be fair, not everyone on the Right is preparing for a final shoot-out for freedom in the mountains somewhere. Even William Jacobson figured out we are not really under martial law.

So if you want something real to worry about, read “The Collapse of Employment-Based Coverage” by Krugman. Although, also too, “First They Came for the Golf Courses.”

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