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Mitt Can’t Win

Obama Administration

I agree with Greg Sargent that the job truther hysteria hurts Mittens more than it helps him. Also the Big Bird controversy continues to dominate most of the post-debate news. See also Don’t Mess With Big Bird.

Steve Benen’ Friday report on Mitt’s Mendacity runs to an epic 50 items. I’m sure it could have run longer, but poor Benen needed a rest.

Since I hardly ever watch CNN, I missed this —

Interesting analysis of Mitt’s fabulous wealth. Given when and how Mitt made his fortunate he actually ought to be worth a great deal more, the article says. Does he have another several million socked away somewhere that no one can find?

Update: Who is to blame for unemployment?

In the global economy, we accept a brand of capitalism that disconnects corporate leaders from the employees affected by their decisions. This geographic, civic and economic separation is what many unemployed people blame for their joblessness. …

… Badman, like most of the unemployed I met, knew that workers overseas did not steal his job. He blamed his unemployment on people “at corporate” he couldn’t name who, on the day after he was laid off, met with his former subordinates to ask what he did every day. Executives were so disconnected that they no longer knew what they had paid Badman to do. …

… Jobless Americans are Democrats and Republicans. Whatever their affiliation, many blame our democracy for not confronting the malfunctions of capitalism. Waiting for corporate leadership to reconnect with the demoralized American workforce is not an option.

“Corporate’s not going to listen,” Badman told me just down the street from the shuttered Vise-Grip plant in DeWitt. “They wouldn’t listen to us. But who are we? Who was I? We weren’t anybody.”


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