Warren Up by 9 in Massachusetts!

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Read, and rejoice.

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  1. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 18, 2012 @11:39 am

    Ahh, part of the reason is that Scottie got caught in a lie.

    He claimed that in her ad about asbestos, and her work for the victims, that she used paid actors.

    The quote from The Boston Globe:
    “This is powerful from a victim’s son, Scott English: ‘Let Scott Brown tell me to my face that I am nothing but a paid actor, and I’ll set him straight on what it was like to watch my father suffocate to death.'”

    And here’s the full article:

    Bye-bye, Scottie!
    What’s he gonna do now?
    He was too Liberal to get Wingnut Welfare.
    I wonder if someone’s starting an “Older Women’s Playgirl Magazine?”
    Of course, with age, Scottie won’t need his whole hand in the photo spread to hide his manhood – his pinkie should suffice.

  2. joanr16  •  Oct 18, 2012 @12:03 pm

    O happy day! After the presidential race, I’ve followed this one the most closely.

    I wonder if someone’s starting an “Older Women’s Playgirl Magazine?”

    I volunteer! But Scotty won’t get in, cause he ain’t British. I loves me a fancy accent. (Also, I declare Hugh Jackman an honorary Brit.)

  3. Tom_B  •  Oct 18, 2012 @12:27 pm


  4. Stephen Stralka  •  Oct 18, 2012 @12:42 pm

    I never understood what Scott Brown was doing in Ted Kennedy’s seat in the first place. 2010 was a good year for Republicans, sure, but I always thought Massachusetts was at least as blue as California, and Barbara Boxer beat Carly Fiorina pretty easily. Oh well, he’ll be gone soon.

  5. joanr16  •  Oct 18, 2012 @12:52 pm

    OT, but as if we needed another reason to ensure Obama wins:


    This campaign has caused me to loathe Mitt so much, he could retire to the airless mountains of the moon and it’d be too close.

  6. moonbat  •  Oct 18, 2012 @1:49 pm

    I’m starting to feel good, as October is turning into November. Thanks Gulag for filling us regarding the details as to why Warren’s pulling ahead. I’ve read that Karl Rove’s pals have poured a lot of dough into this race – doing everything they can to hold their conservative beachhead in blue Massachusetts.

  7. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 18, 2012 @3:13 pm

    OT – more of Mitt’s money-making mendacity.


    Is there any part of the flailing and falling American economy in which Mitt didn’t personally gain a huge profit?

  8. joanr16  •  Oct 18, 2012 @3:43 pm

    If any of you would like a visual of which states are bluer or redder, good old Nate Silver has the chart:


    Gah! Here I sit at “R + 19.0”! Red red red! I am starting to daydream about retiring to New Mexico.

  9. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 18, 2012 @3:49 pm

    More OT stuff – but funny, if you like hypocrisy.

    It turns out that Dinesh D’Souza, and other uber-Conservatives, are right – that KenyanMuslimSocialistCommunistAtheistGay-lover IS ruining the institution of marriage in this country!:


    It turns out, that Obama’s Muslim, gay-marriage allowing, evil ways led D’Souza astray, and away from his wife, into the arms and legs, and other unmentionable lady-parts, of a woman 23 years younger than him – WHILE he’s still married to his wife.

    And the new Mrs. D’Souza in waiting, is still married to her husband.

    And poor Dinesh had to resign his $1million dollar a year gig as President of some Christian College.

    Oh, if only John McCain had won!!!
    D’Souza’s marriage would still he whole, and the asshole would still have a high-paying job. Right!

    LOL! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. joanr16  •  Oct 18, 2012 @5:25 pm

    What is DD’S’s deal, anyway? (Oh, the apostrophes, Gulag! My head hurts!)

    I mean, was Dinesh dropped on his head as an infant? He’s so aggressively stupid, in a way that’s justthisclose to self-loathing. And of course, as with so many self-loathers, he hides behind his sad little version of “Christianity.”

    And now it turns out he’s a vast right-wing hypocrite, too. Quelle surprise!

  11. Bill B.  •  Oct 18, 2012 @5:53 pm

    And quelle prique! I quit reading his articles some time back. It is my response pattern from an encounter with a Cal Thomas column many years ago. George Will is now on that list, too. Freedom of choice is a great policy, I think. I have freed myself from Billo, even when he is on John Stewart. Freedom! Freedom! Where’s Steven Colbert?

  12. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 18, 2012 @6:21 pm

    I thought I had my apostrophe problem under some control.
    I guess not.
    This proves that, never mind new tricks, you can’t teach an old dog, old rules!

  13. Swami  •  Oct 18, 2012 @9:07 pm

    joanr16.. Maybe you could do a pictorial featuring Newt Gingrich and John Sununu romping nude in the foothills of Mt. Olympus with some sort of aging Spartan theme.

  14. joanr16  •  Oct 19, 2012 @8:50 am

    Gulag – no no no, your apostrophes were fine. I was flummoxed by them myself. I mean, are his initials supposed to be DD’S, or what? And what of the possessive form? Is there a second apostrophe? Who really knows?!

    Swami – yikes! “The Boys of Sparta” issue. Or is that a whole different kind of magazine, one where they’d be romping with their catamites, O’Keefe and Buff Paulie?

    I see that magazine editorship is not for me. Sigh.