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I have come to realize that most of my building is without power. One neighbor has partial power, others don’t have any. So far today all my electrical stuff has worked just fine. Apparently there’s one power line servicing the building that wasn’t damaged, and it’s the one that goes to my apartment.

I rule.

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  1. donnah  •  Oct 30, 2012 @12:28 pm

    Good for you! If you’re like me, you’re usually the one out of a hundred who does lose power. Being one of the lucky ones is awesome. :-)

  2. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 30, 2012 @1:00 pm

    Now, now, it’s unseemly to gloat!

  3. justme277  •  Oct 30, 2012 @1:12 pm

    That kicks ass!!! Glad you are safe, dry and with power!

  4. joanr16  •  Oct 30, 2012 @1:14 pm

    From what I can see on the news, the overall damage is really, really bad. Also Mittens is really, really clueless, and I hope people see this.

    Bloomberg seems like a decent mayor in a crisis; I’ve heard less good things about Gov. Cuomo. At least, for now anyway, we have a useful president.

    Good luck everyone!

  5. Pat  •  Oct 30, 2012 @1:50 pm

    You could charge for hooking up extension cords. LOL. Just kidding and not suggesting you’d do so.

  6. joanr16  •  Oct 30, 2012 @2:05 pm

    You could charge for hooking up extension cords.

    I’m picturing that setup Darren McGavin had in A Christmas Story– a hundred things plugged into two outlets, flash, pow, smoke everywhere, and that’s a whole ‘nother disaster movie.

    Now may be the time for some Zen minimalism.

  7. maha  •  Oct 30, 2012 @2:19 pm

    I’m not taking chances with my power. My circuits are challenged in the best of times. I can’t run the microwave and blow dry my hair at the same time, for example, without tripping a circuit breaker. I can’t run the dishwasher and the toaster oven at the same time. If the power is out for very long, I may let my next door neighbors keep food in my freezer, but that’s it. :-)

  8. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 30, 2012 @2:52 pm

    OT – LOL!
    But NSFW – The Greatest Generation has a message for Republicans and their voter suppression:

  9. PurpleGirl  •  Oct 30, 2012 @3:23 pm

    Glad to hear you are basically all right. I agree with being careful about your power usage. Plugging in too much could take you off line and then you might not be able to get power back quickly. Hope things stay okay for you.

  10. Chief  •  Oct 30, 2012 @3:40 pm

    Well, in my ‘hood, all my Obama & Dem (Sherrod Brown et al) signs are still up. But the guy next door has a bunch of Repub signs that the wind has taken down.

    Could it be that God is a Democrat ? ? ?

  11. joanr16  •  Oct 30, 2012 @4:13 pm
  12. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 30, 2012 @4:37 pm

    Brownie, a man so disgraceful, that he doesn’t even know that the best thing an idiotic embarassment to humanity like him should do, is sit down and keep his feckin’ mouth shut when it comes to disasters HE isn’t directly involved with – and making even worse.

    Whatever happened to shame?
    Buried with McCarthy and Nixon, I guess…

  13. Lynne  •  Oct 30, 2012 @5:16 pm

    Hahahaha – Chief! :)

  14. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 30, 2012 @6:41 pm

    A nice round-up of the sheer idiocy spewed by the Reich Wing during and after Sandy.


    Btw – how ironic is it that the worst storm we’ve ever had in the NE, one that destroyed beaches and coastal towns, and devastated sand dunes and berms in it’s path, is named “Sandy.”

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