Calling Attention to Climate Change Is Un-American

Obama Administration

This is surreal. A man at a Romney rally interrupts Mitts speech and holds up a sign that says “End Climate Silence,” and the crowd snatches away the sign and begins chanting USA! USA!

Righties: Do learn to make sense someday. Thanks much.

Seriously, how miswired do you have to be to assume the USA! chant is a normal response to this situation? Even if you disagree that climate change caused Frankenstorm, what does USA! have to do with anything? And yeah, I kind of know that they associate their twisted opinions with Real Americanism and patriotism, and that’s the problem.

Elsewhere — Jamelle Bouie writes about Mitt’s efforts in FLorida, which really is a must-win state for him. I was playing with the Electoral College numbers this morning, and it became obvious that if Mitt loses Florida, it’s pretty much all over for him unless he pulls big upsets in at least a couple of big states that are probably going to go for Obama, like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

And Florida’s a real toss-up, leaning Romney by only a hair in the polls. I’m wondering if the stories about Mitt wanting to dismantle FEMA might pull it toward Obama. Mittens is trying to tie Obama to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, which seems absurd to me, but maybe that sells in Miami.

See also Greg Sargent, “Mitt Romney’s Kamikaze strategy.”

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  1. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 1, 2012 @6:02 pm

    “USA! USA!” is Conservative for “SEIG HEIL!!!”

    FL will be interesting. There’s an ultra Conservative Republican thief… uhm, er…grifter… er, uhm… Governor. And a Republican AG, and State Legislature, and a finely tuned team ready for voter suppression and intimidation.

    So, pardon me if I think, even if Obama wins in FL, they’ll find a way for him to lose in FL.

  2. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 1, 2012 @6:11 pm

    Oh, and since I’ve already pissed-off Godwin, let me continue:
    Regarding climate change, America’s Conservatives remind me of loyal Germans who believed Hitler and Goebbels when they were told that TOTAL VICTORY was right around the corner!
    Right up until the very second the Russians came breaking down their door.
    Except this time, instead of Russians, we’ll ALL find water rushing in, and breaking down all of our doors.

    SEIG H… er… uhm… USA! USA!! USA!!!

  3. erinyes  •  Nov 1, 2012 @6:26 pm

    Bitterly clinging to their guns and religion.

  4. erinyes  •  Nov 1, 2012 @6:27 pm

    It’s easier than thinking.

  5. moonbat  •  Nov 1, 2012 @6:27 pm

    Even if you disagree that climate change caused Frankenstorm, what does USA! have to do with anything?

    Because environmental-wackos (this is all one word, you understand, like “femi-nazis”) WANT TO CONTROL YOU, and turn the USA into a Socialist HellHole. I get this reflexive, knee-jerk argument all the time from wingnuts. And so when anybody tries to shove science down these peoples’ throats, it’s an attack on America. Hence the USA! USA! response.

    Pavlov couldn’t have done it better. Thank God someone of Bloomberg’s stature is starting to call BS on these people.

  6. moonbat  •  Nov 1, 2012 @6:50 pm

    And Florida’s a real toss-up, leaning Romney by only a hair in the polls. I’m wondering if the stories about Mitt wanting to dismantle FEMA might pull it toward Obama.

    In the “Bloomberg Endorses Obama” NYT article, some bright commenter said this should influence ex-New Yorkers living in Florida, as well as conservative Jews.

  7. uncledad  •  Nov 1, 2012 @7:53 pm

    Even if you disagree that climate change caused Frankenstorm, what does USA! have to do with anything?

    I agree with cundgulag, it’s the right’s SIEG HEIL!

  8. Dan  •  Nov 1, 2012 @8:03 pm

    What they mean is “We’re Number 1, we did that, and we’ll do it again because we can!

    Tribalism on steroids…

  9. Tom B  •  Nov 1, 2012 @8:17 pm

    I really despise authoritarians. Even if I turned off my brain and drank their kool-aid I’d still hate their attitude.

  10. Iosue  •  Nov 1, 2012 @8:29 pm

    “…Just as love for one individual which excludes the love for others is not love, love for one’s country which is not part of one’s love for humanity is not love, but idolatrous worship.” ~ Erich Fromm

  11. paradoctor  •  Nov 1, 2012 @8:33 pm

    They haven’t gotten the memo yet. Sandy closed Wall Street; the 1% takes that personally. Now even they will take climate change with the seriousness that comes from personal stress and financial loss.

    Once the chanters do get the memo, then rest assured they’ll yell USA at anyone who denies climate change.

  12. paradoctor  •  Nov 1, 2012 @8:36 pm

    And by the way the clip ends with Romney saying the status quo isn’t good enough. Well, yes; for it includes Sandy. Is Mitt preparing to issue the Memo?

  13. paradoctor  •  Nov 1, 2012 @9:16 pm

    I recommend for all of you to read “The True Believer”, and other works by Eric Hoffer. In it (and those other works) he gives a sharp analysis of the fanatical mindset. Bottom line; it’s motivated by a need to disown a spoiled and rejected self. Sense, decency and reason are beside the point; unity is all.

    Good news; he reports that America is bad for mass movements. Here they tend to devolve into cartels or scams.

  14. justme277  •  Nov 1, 2012 @9:28 pm

    This was just the result of a fast thinking staffer followed by a crowd filled with sheep.

  15. moonbat  •  Nov 1, 2012 @9:52 pm

    @paradoctor – I think you’re on to something: BusinessWeek’s cover: “It’s Global Warming, Stupid”. Well, BusinessWeek is owned by Bloomberg, let’s see who else from the 1% steps up to reality.

  16. biggerbox  •  Nov 1, 2012 @9:57 pm

    Actually, it makes a lot of sense to me. The “USA” they all believe in is a memory of a world where Americans were on top of the world and invulnerable, and could drive around on wide highways in big gas guzzling vehicles and burn coal in power plants without giving a damn about anybody or anything. And for years, Democrats have been nagging at them to stop it. First, Lady Bird got on their case for throwing trash out the window as they drove, then that Carter tried to make them drive 55, and now those eco-freaks are trying to get them to believe that their American Automotive Dream is destroying the entire planet?! No frickin’ way! They’re not going to buy into any such anti-American nonsense. USA! Chevrolet! Drive Away! Never Pay! Just My Way! Every Day! USA!

  17. Bill B.  •  Nov 2, 2012 @8:44 am

    @biggerbox: Your concluding chant is great, but it has two problems: 1. It is too long for them to remember. 2. They don’t get irony. 2a. If they realized the irony, they would be destroyed by cognitive dissonance, and there aren’t enough people they could call to help them find their cars in the parking lot.

  18. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 2, 2012 @11:09 am

    OT – you can’t make this crap up!
    Remember when Mitt identified our #1 Geopolitical foe – Russia?
    Well, it seems like his son Matt is in Russia trying to find investors in his Real Estate business.

    Maybe Matt feels his Dad’s gonna lose, so there’s no time like the present to grift some bucks from his #1 Geopolitical foe.

  19. erinyes  •  Nov 2, 2012 @11:28 am