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Krugman, Klein, Twinkies, and the Dragon of Inequality

Obama Administration

Ezra is so good at explaining things:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Executive Summary: The American Way of Business — increase profits by squeezing employees and suppliers to lower cost — amounts to an economic death spiral. See also “How Obamacare Affects Bad Business Practices.”

Paul Krugman:

Along the way, however, we’ve forgotten something important — namely, that economic justice and economic growth aren’t incompatible. America in the 1950s made the rich pay their fair share; it gave workers the power to bargain for decent wages and benefits; yet contrary to right-wing propaganda then and now, it prospered. And we can do that again.

Can’t say that often enough.

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Cease Fire?

Obama Administration

There are news reports of a cease fire between Israel and the Palestinians, possibly brokered by Hillary Clinton.

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