Christmas Eve

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  1. c u n d gulag  •  Dec 24, 2012 @7:57 pm

    Yet another cutesy animal Christmas video!!!
    How about Ssssome Sssssserpents, Sssssinging “Ssssssilent Night?”

    Or reading “T’WaSsssss the Night Before ChristmSasssssssssss?’
    But no need to read that line about not even a mouSsssse Ssssstirring in the houSsssse.
    He was lunch.

    Oh, and watch your asp, kid, that Ssssstocking is Ssssstuffed, alright – but not with care. It’Ssssss full of Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnakes!!!

    And I want Samuel L. Jackson, as Santa, screaming,”Get these mother fecking snakes off of Santa’ss mother fecking sled!!!”

    Merry… Happy… Jolly… whatever! 🙂

  2. Bill Bush  •  Dec 24, 2012 @9:05 pm

    Since you have an animal-themed post today, I shall avail myself of the excuse to ask people to look up my local shelter, APS of Caswell, on Facebook and “Like” us if you have friends in NC or VA, since we’re right on the border. Lots of Merriment available for your Christmas. And Maha, when you’re ready for a cat in your new place, I would love to send you a gift of a vaccinated, spayed, sweet-natured kitty courtesy of our Revolving Cat Fund, which is just as great as it sounds! I have a connection to an animal transport in Paramus, NJ, and I’m sure she can arrange the rest of the ride. I’ve been waiting for this chance for months.

  3. maha  •  Dec 26, 2012 @10:15 am

    Bill — thank you for the offer! I was hoping to be ready for a cat by Christmas, but I’m not quite there yet. Now I’m aiming for Groundhog’s Day. Will advise.

  4. justme277  •  Dec 25, 2012 @1:10 am

    Here , here Bill Bush… I agree…I miss the cat fur in the posts :)) and this is coming from a bird lady!(shhhh don’t tell the bird).. and since you brought up cats..I went to the local shelter a few months back and they had a tiger stripped kitty with long fur.. The cat had a fur cut just like a lion…complete with poofs on the tail and feet and a mane to die for and he KNEW it..I swear the song “I’m sexy and I know it ” played every time he strutted his stuff across the glass enclosure. He looked at the other cats like he couldn’t believe he was sharing space with “common” cats, and they looked up at him like he was a God among cats. Now I love cats, but my giant swearing parrot says something different I wont repeat here..and even i was tempted to bring that cat home, he was too cool! I assume he had the cut to remove mats or burrs or something but had the poor un suspecting cat have become mine kitty would have stayed groomed and he would be wearing a santa hat too, lucky for the cat there is Paul. E. Bird.

    Happy Holidays everyone xoxoxo

  5. Bill Bush  •  Dec 26, 2012 @2:12 pm

    I’m serious, Maha B. Our current office cat is one you might like, because she too is not easily backed down. She plays and sleeps with the office pit bull, Missy. Of course, Missy is a pussycat in her own way. And you should see Prettyface! She’s on the shelter Facebook page now. I’ll be getting several fixed on January 21. We have had a great new year with kittty adoptions thanks to Independent Animal Rescue her in NC, Bonnie’s Animal Rescue Kingdom in NJ, and PetSupermarket in Burlington, NC. I am so glad I’m getting cats adopted instead of Republicans. The litter box training seems to take better! OK, that was a little mean, but I stand by it.

  6. maha  •  Dec 26, 2012 @8:15 pm

    Bill — well, I’m mostly hoping for an adult cat 1 to 5 years old, in good health, who is very well socialized to people and likes to cuddle. Also cat shouldn’t mind being an only pet and an indoor pet. I’m around most of the time and am fairly entertaining. Also my apartment has lots of windows with views of a pond, and cat can watch ducks and geese and swans. I’m thinking that by the end of January I’ll have the place organized enough to be ready for a cat.

  7. Bill Bush  •  Dec 26, 2012 @11:08 pm

    Believe me, I will have your cat! The adult cats are my favorite population. Kittens are too easy! We just adopted out a lovely adult cat, front and back declawed, who was turned in after her people had a baby. Here in the South, there is an old tale that cats will sit on a baby’s chest and “steal his breath” or smother the child, so often the grandmothers insist on getting rid of the family cat! I don’t even approve of declawing, but Bella was a charm, though very frightened upon arrival at the shelter. As far as indoor, that is ideal for cats. Outdoor ones make it seven years, typically, while indoor cats can make 20 years quite frequently. I’ll start watching for your cat. Are you inclined toward a more interactive cat or a more reserved one? Seriously, go to APS Caswell on Facebook. The page is public. If a grey screen drops down, just click on”close” in the bottom right corner and you’ll be able to see it all. You might like Prettyface. She’s on there, or maybe Shadow, a very friendly cat, or Sadie from the front office. Lots to consider, and more arriving!

  8. maha  •  Dec 26, 2012 @11:48 pm

    Bill — Oh, interactive. Definitely interactive.

  9. Bill Bush  •  Dec 27, 2012 @10:58 am

    Leaning toward Sadie right now, but will keep options open.

  10. Swami  •  Dec 27, 2012 @12:22 pm

    Maha, Just make sure you don’t get one with a drinking problem. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a drunken cat.