President Getting Uppity Again

Obama Administration

Republicans Are Upset That Obama Is Giving Remarks At The Same Time As Eric Cantor’s Speech.” Un-freakin’-real.

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  1. Swami  •  Feb 5, 2013 @4:08 pm

    I heard the theme of Cantor’s speech…A new coat of whitewash on a decrepit platform. Both him and Paulie are going the phoenix route but they lack the freshness. Maybe they should consult with Massengill for some marketing strategies.

  2. c u n d gulag  •  Feb 5, 2013 @4:09 pm

    I’m really starting to suspect that Obama’s now trolling the Conservatives, just for sh*ts and giggles.

    I mean, he’s taken up all of their sports, just to piss them off.
    Ok, he wasn’t much of a bowler, but he knew better than to shot-put the ball at the pins. Why do that? To piss-off the Conservative Bubba’s.
    The “Brother” plays golf. Why golf? To piss-off the Conservative rich, and the not-rich but wannabe rich by playing the richie-rich’s sport of choice.
    And now, he’s out there, skeet-shooting.

    You can’t get any ‘whiter’ than the sporting trifecta of bowling, golf, and skeet-shooting, can you?

    What’s next?
    He can’t do tennis – the great Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe, and the Williams sisters, alread covered that ground.
    Nah… Too Canadian.
    Curling… Nope. Ditto.
    Hmm… Let’s see what sport he’s going to take up next to piss off Conservative America. My bet is, ice-fishing. No – BASS fishing!

    And now, I suspect he’s feckin’ wid ’em, by scheduling a presser at the same time as one of their shrill third-rate hack politicians is desperately trying to put some rebranding lipstick on his racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and/or homophobic pig of a party.

    GOP – I think Obama is MOCKING you!!!

  3. c u n d gulag  •  Feb 5, 2013 @4:28 pm

    Or, Preparation H – since Eric and Paulie are both raging @$$holes.

  4. Doug  •  Feb 5, 2013 @8:19 pm

    I went out to youtube looking for a video of Michal Douglas as the President – he delivers a great line dripping with contempt when he declares ‘I AM the President of the United States.” I didn’t find it. I found something better.

    The guy can adlib. The BS about not being able to function w/out a teleprompter…

  5. biggerbox  •  Feb 5, 2013 @8:54 pm

    I believe the correct response from the White House is “Oh, too bad. See, we don’t keep track of when Rep. Cantor is speaking to private groups. We’re busy here running the government.”

  6. Bill Bush  •  Feb 6, 2013 @8:51 am

    biggerbox: +1

  7. justme277  •  Feb 6, 2013 @4:54 pm

    Sorry but isn’t it actually improper(as in lacking in modesty or decency) to speak while the President is speaking?Seriously, whether cantor likes it or not Obama is our leader.Shouldn’t he be paying attention to what the President says instead of being disrespectful and running his own mouth?(not that anyone cares what he thinks anyhow, most people don’t even know who the little twit is)

  8. justme277  •  Feb 6, 2013 @5:37 pm

    This is off topic, but I have to add- My roomate went thru a rough time many years ago when he lost his daughter in a terrible accident and ended up with 5 felonies.(ALL non- violent crimes). He served his time and has turned his life around. We got his rights to vote restored and he voted for Obama , twice- he LOVES to vote. He is a productive, tax paying, home owner that had to work twice as hard because of his record to even get a job.I am proud of all he has accomplished.

    I tell you this because yesterday he got a letter from the NRA. Seems they want new members and they are recruiting felons by name.Not sure how they got his name… But this brings me back to the point I made before about the NRA and their list of members. It is time some light was shined upon that list. ..

    Sorry to break in..

  9. c u n d gulag  •  Feb 6, 2013 @5:50 pm

    I take that as a good sign.

    If they’re desperate enough to start recruiting felons, maybe more registered NRA members are leaving the organization than we’re being told by them.

    I mean, I’m all FOR former felons to have the right to vote.
    It’s just that I’d want to take the ones who deserve the right to own a gun, on a case-by-case basis.
    Every felon who has paid his/her price to society, should have the right to vote.
    I’m not sure that should extend to the right to own a gun.
    Maybe I’m wrong.
    I’d be interested in people’s opinions on this.

  10. Swami  •  Feb 6, 2013 @6:12 pm

    justme277…This past election cycle when my mail was being bombarded with political ads for different candidates..I got one ad that was an oversized post card with a picture of the candidate along side six bullet points each listing a reason that he should be considered for my vote. Next to one of those bullet points was: Life time member of the NRA.
    That was enough information for me to determine that he was a repug stooge desperate to snare a simpleton..Since when does membership—even remotely — in the NRA qualify someone for political office? Only a Teabagger/ patriot would bite for chum like that.

  11. joanr16  •  Feb 6, 2013 @6:20 pm

    I tell you this because yesterday he got a letter from the NRA. Seems they want new members and they are recruiting felons by name.

    Golly. I guess it depends on the felony as to whether there should be a lifetime ban on owning guns. But the idea that the NRA is recruiting from a list. Ay-yi-yi!

  12. Swami  •  Feb 6, 2013 @7:01 pm

    I don’t see taking away their gun rights as a big deal,but the voting right should be restored upon completion of their sentence..the one exception to deny the right to vote should be for treason or any crime that shows disloyality to the United States.

  13. justme277  •  Feb 6, 2013 @7:08 pm

    There is a law against any felon owning a fire arm. My room mate does not wish to own a gun. I don’t think any felon should own a gun. He doesn’t think they should either. His crimes were for drugs. He has been clean almost 9 years. Not even a traffic ticket.

    They just want him to join out of the blue for no reason..I just thought that was strange. Also the letter came with a window sticker to put on your car. They urged you to put it on to keep politicians on point of fear that they are out numbered and may lose their jobs.A reminder, if you will. It is nuts.

  14. paradoctor  •  Feb 6, 2013 @7:29 pm

    justme: I have called the NRA the criminal’s, seditionists’s and lunatic’s lobby; but later reconsidered, and re-named it ‘merely’ the gun-runner’s lobby. Must I re-reconsider?