150 Years Ago

American History

On this date in 1863, in Gettysburg — Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood attacks th Devil’s Den. The 15th and 47th Alabama regiments stormed up Big Round Top, only to be told they had to take Little Round Top. And there they were routed by the 20th Maine, under the command of Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Horrific fighting in the Peach Orchard and the Wheat Field cost many lives, but the day ended with the Confederates having gained little for their trouble.

Be sure to read “The Battle to Gain 200 Seconds” about the sacrifice of 1st Minnesota and “A Regiment Is Sacrificed at Gettysburg” about the 134th New York.

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  1. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 3, 2013 @6:57 am

    And 148 years later, after the eventual victory of the Union forces over the treasonous Secesh traitors in the Confederate States, our black President tries to keep moving the country forward, while the same forces of fear, hatred and intolerance, continue to wage a “Cold Civil War.”

  2. Ed  •  Jul 3, 2013 @9:30 am

    If Longstreet hadnt’a choked at Gettysburg, we wouldn’t be in this here mess and all them problems never would’a happened.

  3. uncledad  •  Jul 3, 2013 @11:12 am

    “the same forces of fear, hatred and intolerance, continue to wage a “Cold Civil War.”

    Oh Gulag didn’t you mean to say: forces of vigilance, patriotism and morality!

    I do like the term “cold civil war” an apt description of our current state.

  4. Swami  •  Jul 6, 2013 @2:02 pm

    I’m back from Little Round Top… And we weren’t routed, we gave as good as we got.


  5. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 6, 2013 @2:07 pm

    Welcome back, Swami.
    I’m glad you didn’t suffer from heat-stroke out there, battling the Secesh! 🙂

  6. Swami  •  Jul 6, 2013 @3:53 pm

    Thanks, Gulag!.. I gotta go comment about Mr. Happy now. I know why he’s happy. When I saw that thread I thought of Anthony’s Weiner and the expression that diamonds last forever.. Guess what else lasts forever once it’s posted to the internet?

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