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Behold the Meltdown

Obama Administration

Apparently the polls for Republicans are so bad that even Republican pollsters think they could be facing a disaster of biblical, wrath-of-God proportions.

GOP pollster Bill McInturff writes clients on this week’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll: “Overall, this is among the handful of surveys that stand out in my career as being significant and consequential, so, I wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to review the survey.”

“I would also say this about my general experience with this type of data – 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Lehman collapse, debt ceiling in 2011 – once there is this level of movement and change, it takes months for things to settle down in a way that is stable and easier to understand. This type of data creates ripples that will take a long time to resolve and there will be unexpected changes we cannot predict at the moment as a consequence.”

It’s also possible that by this time next year most folks will have moved on. But it’s not like they weren’t warned. See also the dread pirate mistermix, who points to polls suggesting some of the gerrymandered “GOP forever” congressional districts are getting wobbly.

Writing at Washington Monthly, Martin “Booman” Longman says that the Dems are holding all the cards.

Because the Republicans (in the leadership, anyway) are not actually willing to default on our debts, the end game here is that time runs out and Congress raises the debt ceiling. Whether they can get some kind of fig leaf to cover their defeat or not, they can stop making demands now because the most important thing to the president is to put an end to these kind of hostage negotiations….

… Admittedly, the Senate Republicans’ filibuster of Harry Reid’s motion to proceed to a vote on extending the debt ceiling will make some people nervous, but there is no reason to be nervous. There is virtually zero chance that the country is going to default. In fact, the Democrats have such an immense advantage right now that they are actually in a position to hold the Republicans hostage. With the clock clicking down, John Boehner will be desperate when he eventually realizes that his options are exhausted and he needs Democratic votes to avoid causing a global economic calamity.

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Hey — Whatever Happened to Burning Obamacare Cards?

Wingnuts Being Wingnuts

You must remember the glorious campaign trotted out last July by the old white farts who run FreedomWorks. They were inspiring young adults across America to print out “Obamacare cards” that resembled Vietnam-era draft cards, and then the young people were to make videos of themselves burning the cards, and this would create the Big Mo of young folks turning their backs on getting health insurance. Because Freedom.

Talk about running up a flag and nobody saluting. After extensive searching I found ONE home-made Obamacare burning video:

The genius who made this says he has been healthy for six years and never needed insurance. Good thing he didn’t burn himself with the blowtorch.

It appears the Burn Obamacare Cards blog at hasn’t been updated since August 30. The original #Burnthecard page now is just a donation page, and the information I was able to read in August is no longer accessible. Maybe you can get to it if you make a donation, but I’m not trying the experiment.

Matt Kibbe was still flogging the idea as recently as September 5 —

I think we struck a nerve. Judging from the left’s hysterical overreaction to FreedomWorks’ “Burn Your Obamacare Card” campaign, this oppressive transfer of wealth from young Americans to the elderly appears to be the Achilles Heel of the new, insanely authoritarian progressive movement.

At some point, even the Koch brothers must have realized we were just laughing at them.

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