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Election Results

Obama Administration

New Yorkers gave liberalism a resounding yes and elected Bill de Blasio mayor of New York. Or, as I have come to think of the office after many hours of riding the subways and reading the announcements out of boredom, el Alcalde de la Ciudad de Nueva York. It sounds better in Spanish.

New York activist lefties to begin complaining about de Blasio selling them out in 5 … 4… 3… 2…

Chris Christie won another term in New Jersey. According to a local television news story I saw yesterday, the state Democratic Party didn’t bother to crank up its GOTV machine for the Dem candidate, Barbara Buono. Buono has accused the NJ Dem establishment of “making a deal” with Christie. From what I know of the NJ Democrats, that is very plausible.

Terry McAuliffe won in Virginia by a slightly smaller margin than had been predicted. This result is being spun into a public referendum vote against Obamacare.

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