The Lying Liar Arrested Again

Obama Administration

Pathetic waste of human protoplasm George Zimmerman was arrested again yesterday, and right now he’s sitting in a Seminole County jail cell. This afternoon a judge will decide if he can be released on bail.

Of course, right now it’s a he said, she said story, but the elements of the story that seem fairly indisputable are that Zimmerman shoved his girlfriend out of her home, barricaded the door, and smashed up a bunch of her furniture. He then called 911 and whined to the operator that nobody understands him.

She said he pointed a gun at her, he says he didn’t. He says that she asked him to leave, and that he was perfectly happy to do so, but then she went crazy and began smashing her own furniture and stealing his stuff, so he was forced to shove her out of her home and barricade the door. He denies he pulled out his shotgun at any time.

She says she asked him to leave, and that he lost his temper and began breaking furniture. She says he pointed a shotgun on her. She says he broke a glass coffee table with the butt of the shotgun.

He said she asked him to leave because she is pregnant and wants to raise the child alone. She says she isn’t pregnant.

GZ’s 911 call is an exercise in dissembling. Highlights: When the operator understood that police had already been called and were outside wanting to talk to him, she asked (with a hint of irritation in her voice) why he had called 911 if the police already were there. He complained to the operator that he called because he wanted people to know the truth, but then he didn’t want to talk to the police who were already there because “I don’t have anything to say.”

Even better: The geniuses commenting at the racist hate site Weasel Zippers have decided that this arrest is a ruse to distract people from Obamacare. For example:

This has A$$older’s and the Department of Just Us’ fingerprints all over it. Seeing as Obama is getting pummled in the media and Dem’s are running away from ObastardCare, time for a little distraction away from the truth. Presto Chang-o, let’s trump up some race based charges against a white guy.

” Monday and when they responded to the home three minutes later,”…really? Tell me how often the police show up in three minutes? Sounds like they were waiting for the call…

So, apparently, Zimmerman’s GF was paid by the Obama administration to file false charges against poor old GZ. No doubt she threw herself out of her home and barricaded the door behind her using magic power. No, wait, the furniture used to barricade the door was rigged to pile up against the door using some remote control device provided by Eric Holder. That’s it.

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  1. sluggo  •  Nov 19, 2013 @10:51 am

    Ironically, Zimmerman would have a better life if he never had access to a gun in the first place.

    Guns don’t seem to be doing him any favors.

  2. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 19, 2013 @10:51 am

    Reich-Winger’s POV:
    Poor George.
    The victim, again.
    First, it was some black kid.
    Now, it’s some chick.
    You can’t trust either one.
    The poor guy needs to get a break.

  3. Swami  •  Nov 19, 2013 @11:34 am

    Seminole County jail serves up one of the best breakfasts in all of Florida. Georgie should order the Belgium waffles. They’re yummy and filling.

  4. joanr16  •  Nov 19, 2013 @11:41 am

    I suppose people have the right to post any moronic opinion they want on the Interwebs, but I sure as heck don’t care to know about it. I’ve now lost 10 much-needed IQ points just reading those short citations from the inbred Weasels. Visiting their site must be like sticking one’s head in a microwave oven. As George H.W. never actually said, “Not… gonna… do it.”

  5. uncledad  •  Nov 19, 2013 @12:28 pm

    “They’re yummy and filling”

    Based on some of these pictures Belgium waffles are the last thing he needs! Poor George he’s gonna mess up his wing-nut welfare if he aint careful!

  6. Tom_B  •  Nov 19, 2013 @12:36 pm

    Too bad we can’t jail the jurors who let GZ “walk” after murdering Trayvon Martin. The 12 are clearly too utterly clueless to exist in modern society without supervision and need to be put somewhere where they can’t be accidently called up for jury duty again.

  7. sunmusing  •  Nov 19, 2013 @12:46 pm

    I do believe GZ may be feeling his guilt of killing Treyvon…the mind can be a prison too…

  8. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 19, 2013 @12:46 pm

    Sounds like I’ll have to look at the Seminole County jail as one of my retirement options!
    I don’t want to beat-up women, or bust-up their homes.
    What’ll get me in there, where I won’t have to hurt anybody?

  9. biggerbox  •  Nov 19, 2013 @12:50 pm

    Don’t you understand?! They are trying to keep Zimmerman from telling us what he knows about Benghazi!!!!

  10. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 19, 2013 @1:28 pm

    Are you ‘over the weather’ today?

  11. DRickard  •  Nov 19, 2013 @1:44 pm

    Sooner or later Zimmerman will shoot a white man–probably a cop–and he will instantly become persona non grata to the wingnuts.

  12. Swami  •  Nov 19, 2013 @1:46 pm

    Instead of distracting from Obamacare, maybe those right tards should be focusing on Obamacare.. Georgie claims his girl friend is pregnant and he’s willing to be the good guy and amicably walk out of the child’s life. It might be a big assumption on my part, but what do you think the odds are that his girl friend has the financial resources to pay for Georgie’s little love child?
    I’m inclined to believe that the taxpayers are going to end up footing the bill for Georgie’s spawn. With Obamacare, at least there will be some mechanism put in place to assign financial responsibility to the boys who choose to become baby daddies.
    Hopefully any tax return that Georgie might receive will be directed toward his responsibility to his child in some small measure rather than getting pissed away on the purchase of a firearm.
    If Zimmermann would bond with his child like he’s bonded with his 9mm this world would be a better place.

    This one goes out to Georgie and his latest love interest…Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?

  13. erinyes  •  Nov 19, 2013 @5:04 pm

    Treyvon’s mom and dad can take comfort that zimmie will slowly melt away, a slow painful end.

    Seminole county has ( or had ) the highest per capita income in Florida.. they can afford better than the standard baloney sandwich and a carton of milk.

    The great one powerful holder is working his black magic mojo.

  14. Bonnie  •  Nov 19, 2013 @6:59 pm

    There must be a few too many stupid women in Florida who are willing to get involved with this idiot. Not to mention the six stupid women on his jury. Thanks to Maha and all the women commenters at this blog who confirm that all women are NOT that stupid. Thanks, Swami, for the youtube link. One of my all time favorite songs.

  15. Swami  •  Nov 19, 2013 @8:21 pm

    Bonnie …A lot of women are attracted to the “Bad Boy” type of guy. I don’t understand the psychology behind it, but it is quite common.
    Glad you enjoyed the link.. it is a nice song.. and reminds me of gentler time.