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T-Day Minus One

Obama Administration

Yesterday the Mahadaughter and I got out of cooking by going to the Thanksgiving buffet at a fancy local hotel. The food was OK, but I really miss pigging out on the leftovers for the rest of the weekend. So think of me when you bite into your turkey sandwiches.

Some stuff for your post-feast digestion — first, noting that I’m generally ambivalent about Noam Chomsky, I really did appreciate his response to a truther:

The truthers’ response to the video is typically trutherish. The truther in the video cited a “consensus” of 2000 architects regarding Building 7, apparently saying its destruction was a planned demolition, or something. Chomsky dismissed the 2,000 as an inconsequential number. “Noam please do your math. Over 2000 architects does not equal a few,” said one commenter. Um, out of how many architects in the U.S. now? Not to mention engineers and physicists? And the consensus of the truthers is that Chomsky — Noam Chomsky, mind you — is now a lackey of the U.S. government. MIT gets significant funding from the Pentagon, after all (wink, nudge).

I don’t always agree with Noam, but I respect him for his independence. And if there’s any group of people on the planet more irrational than baggers, it’s truthers.

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