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Merry Christmas to Me

Obama Administration

The wonders of The Mahablog are more wondrous than you may realize. I’m cranking it out on a laptop purchased as a discontinued model in 2008. And while it may have some life in it, I’ve taken to evoking protective spirits every morning to ward off the Blue Screen of Death one more day. Some of my software crashes every few minutes. Overall, the thing has become slow and glitchy, and the keyboard is now missing a couple of key caps, notably the cap on the letter N, which I actually use sometimes. (I blame Sadie Awful Bad Cat for this.) My printer has good and bad days as well.

So I keep thinking, OK, next month for sure I’m getting another computer. And next month some unanticipated expense comes up that makes spending the money on a computer a bit frightening. So now I’m thinking, screw it; I’m having a fundraiser.

Your contribution will go into my new computer fund and also help cover the cost of bandwidth at my web host. I’m paying more for bandwidth that I probably need to, but the web host I finally settled on is wonderfully reliable and I’d hate to cut back. I’d also like to point out that if you buy stuff from Amazon (OK, yeah, it’s Amazon), if you go to Amazon through the links in the right-hand sidebar I’m supposed to get a small cut of the sale.

Please know that I appreciate your support, in whatever form.

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