Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

Obama Administration

He made a difference.



  1. c u n d gulag  •  Dec 5, 2013 @6:07 pm


    One of the greatest people of the 20th Century, and early part of the 21st.

    R.I.P. Mr. Mandela.
    You left a huge imprint on this lonely little planet.
    Sadly, there are too few people like you.

  2. joanr16  •  Dec 5, 2013 @6:27 pm

    I remember getting up really early one Sunday morning in February 1990 because rumors had been flying the night before… and I got to watch Mandela walk out of prison live on television. I remember weeping with joy.

    It still amazes me that a hero of that stature existed in my lifetime.

  3. goatherd  •  Dec 5, 2013 @8:17 pm

    A truly remarkable human being, how fortunate that we had the benefit of his being with us for 95 years. When I think of a bodhisattva, i think of people like him.

  4. Chief  •  Dec 5, 2013 @9:45 pm

    Of all the notable people I can think of FDR, Churchill, MLK, for example, Mandela is the biggest hero and accomplished more and with no violence, BTW.

  5. Doug  •  Dec 5, 2013 @10:04 pm

    There are a handful of people – if I left anyone off the list, please correct me, but
    Nelson Mandella, Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi and Aung San Suu Kyi have shown the world that an individual can inspire the world and change his (or her) part of the world with uncompromising nonviolent devotion to the freedom of the common man.

    I believe that death is a liberation, not a conclusion, so I do not weep for a spirit that will be reborn. I do celebrate, with the world, the achievements of a man who was true to the highest principles. There are few leaders in the world worthy to deliver the eulagy of Mandella.

  6. Swami  •  Dec 6, 2013 @12:36 am

    Rest in peace.

    “Here lies a man who did his duty to man”

  7. Mike G  •  Dec 6, 2013 @1:28 am

    He went from prisoner to President in five years. For those of us who remember what roiling turmoil engulfed South Africa in the 80s, it was truly remarkable that he navigated an African country through such a profound change without massive bloodshed.

  8. c u n d gulag  •  Dec 6, 2013 @9:27 am

    Steve M does a great job documenting some of the atrocities committed by Reich-Wing commenters on their websites:

    Hate and fear filled, sick and twisted sociopaths – the lot of them.

  9. joanr16  •  Dec 6, 2013 @11:23 am

    OK, so last night I dreamt I was in a health food store and I ran into Bill Clinton, out shopping with Chelsea. I started chatting with Bill about Mandela, and ended by saying, “Mr. President, I think I need a hug.”

    Now that I reflect, the only weird thing about that dream was that I would be in a health food store.

  10. Swami  •  Dec 10, 2013 @11:13 am

    Bibi claims there ain’t enough extra shekels to afford the airfare to South Africa. Maybe Obama can swing by Israel and pick up Bibi on his way to attend Mandela’s funeral. It never hurts to give a down and out Prime Minister a helping hand.

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