Pete Seeger, 1919-2014

American History

A good song reminds us what we’re fighting for.”

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  1. joanr16  •  Jan 28, 2014 @9:54 am

    “Oh Mary, don’t you weep.” Pete was a model for excellent citizenship of the world. I’ll miss him a lot, but what a life!

  2. goatherd  •  Jan 28, 2014 @10:07 am

    Of course we all knew this was coming. At 94, he certainly gave it a pretty good spin. But, I am sure going to miss knowing that he was in the world.

    Playing music in the way he did just seems like a natural gift. We can all study theory and work on exercises and so forth. People might occasionally mistake us for musicians. But he was one. You can’t learn that, to paraphrase robert Mitchum, “It’s like trying to learn how to be tall.”

  3. PurpleGirl  •  Jan 28, 2014 @10:15 am

    Rethuglicans speak of someone being a “principled man.” Activist for life affirming causes, antiwar, pro-civil rights, pro unions, socialist, leftist, an original DFH, Pete Seeger was that principled man.

  4. c u n d gulag  •  Jan 28, 2014 @10:23 am

    I saw him perform at various anti-nuke/pro-environment rallies, back in the day.

    And he lived about 10 miles from me, which was always a comfort.

    R.I.P. Mr. Seeger.
    Oh, what a life you lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Julie  •  Jan 28, 2014 @3:17 pm

    He was truly a guiding light and icon for us baby boomers. Many, many thanks, Pete!

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