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Obama Administration

At the same time they are hyperventilating about admitting Syrian refugees who might be terrorists, Republicans in Congress are opposing a bill that would block suspecting terrorists from buying guns in the U.S. Because they care more about their toys than anything else, I suppose.

Ben Carson’s campaign doesn’t know where all the states go on a U.S. map.

In the middle of an international crisis, Ted Cruz has a hissy fit and called on the POTUS to insult him to his face. I hope our President takes him up on that.

Meanwhile, the Republican presidential candidates continue to confuse bellicose chest-thumping with intelligent foreign policy.

Oh, and Gov. Kasich proposed a new government agency to promote Judeo-Christian values around the globe. If those are the same values that cause us to turn away desperate refugees, maybe we should can that. We might need shelter some day ourselves.

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