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The Money Campaign

Obama Administration

The New York Times has a fascinating graphic showing how much money each candidate has received and what percentage of it comes from PACs.  Going by donations directly to campaigns, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are running first and second, followed (at some distance) by Ben Carson. The Republican candidates aren’t getting anywhere close to the direct campaign money that the two Democratic front runners are getting.

PACs are something else. Toast! far and away has received the most PAC money, and from this he still has more cash on hand than any other candidate. Were it not for the fact that nobody likes him, he’d be in great shape for a general election campaign. All that money seems to be plunging down a very deep drain.

However, if we’re looking at cash on hand from the donations pool, Clinton and Sanders are both in much better shape than their nearest Republican rival, who would be Ted Cruz.

Two candidates still running have received no PAC money at all. They are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Also Hillary Clinton has had to spend considerably more than Sanders to stay ahead of him.

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